5 Steps to Becoming a Travel Nurse

Today, some of the most desirable and lucrative career paths are those that include travel. If you’ve ever thought about embarking on a career where you get the chance to move around, visit new places and make new friends every few months, while still retaining the security and stability of a traditional salaried position, you […]

How I Change My Life By Traveling

Being a businesswoman, mother, and wife can be a complete challenge at times. From the exhausting routine to the countless troubles and roadblocks every single day, it’s easy for me to feel overwhelmed at times. Once, while discussing this topic with friends, I got the best possible advice: “If you don’t like your life, change […]

Can You Still Do Yoga When Traveling?

Yoga has been around since the earlier civilization of Northern India 5000 years ago. There have been many accounts about yoga from the classical to modern period. Most records classify yoga as steps to obtain enlightenment. It allows the mind and body to synchronize together and build better mental and physical health. As stress level […]