Must-Eat Foods in The World

Are you a lover of good food? Imagine the sense of adventure felt when you try new types of food from different types of cuisine! Have you ever travelled across the world only to taste new dishes? There are many special and delicious dishes that are quite popular in different parts of the world. Discover some great must-eat foods in the world below.

Dim Sum, China

Have you tried the famous Dim Sum? It originates from China! If you are on holidays in China, don’t miss this popular dish. Dim Sum consists of little rice or wheat dumplings meticulously made and filled with either fish, chicken or meat. It is also a type of Chinese cuisine with bite-sized portions of food served in a small steamer basket or plate. It is usually served with tea.

Get the chance to enjoy a traditional Dim Sum brunch with steamed buns, dumplings and rice noodle rolls containing different ingredients. The dumplings are also shaped just like the ingredients they contain, for example in the shape of a fish or chicken. Get ready to discover Chinese cuisine with these delicacies.

White Pizza – Old Forge Pizza, Pennsylvania, USA

Are you a fan of pizza? They originated from Italy, however they gained popularity with Pizza Hut restaurants in different parts of the world. They also became famous in the US. Apart from the classic pizza, have you tried White Pizza or Old Forge Pizza? Discover this special type of pizza in Pennsylvania, USA!

White pizza is more creamy and cheesy. Imagine the delight when you munch on it! It has a double crust at the bottom and on top, with cheese fillings. The cheese is heavenly soft. It is the perfect choice for those who do not like tomato sauce. Although it is typically covered with mozzarella and ricotta, clams, garlic or Alfredo sauce can also be added as toppings.


Leche de Tigre, Peru

If you love seafood, don’t miss Leche de Tigre in Peru! Leche de Tigre or Tiger’s Milk is a very flavourful recipe in Peru. It is actually the juice left over after the making of ceviche. Different flavours are blended together in one delicious glass. Ingredients that are included in it are: lime juice, onions, chillies, salt, pepper and fish juice.

To make it, take raw fish and toss in lime juice, chillies, onions, salt and pepper. Let it marinade until it is “cooked” by the lime. Next, serve the left-over juice in a glass with shrimp and other garnishing. It is a simple but incredibly delicious recipe! Peru is worth a visit, only to enjoy Leche de Tigre! The food and fruits slots at Lucky Pants Bingo are also worth playing, because of their vivid graphics and features that take you to a delicious world.

Belgian Waffles, Belgium

Are you headed to Belgium? Don’t miss the chance to taste yummy Belgian waffles during your holiday! They come with such a wide variety of toppings that it may be difficult to choose one of them. Among the many types of Belgian waffles, try one with chocolate sauce, ice cream and strawberries. Mind you, it is a huge one!

The texture of a Belgian waffle is lighter and crispier. To make one, pick a waffle iron with larger and deeper patterns. The batter is lighter than regular waffles. The main ingredients used are flour, sugar, baking powder, eggs, milk and butter. Traditionally, they are leavened with yeast, but baking powder can also be used.

Gujarati Thali, Gujrat, India

Fans of Indian food? Check out the Gujarati Thali in the State of Gujarat, India. Travel to India just to taste this large, round tin plate full of little bowls filled with all sorts of curries, lentils, desserts, salads and gravies. All these are accompanied with “rotis” (Indian bread) and rice. You are also served with pickles and chutneys.

It is a great delight to enjoy a Gujarati Thali with your hands! Plus, when you think you are done, the waiters ask if you want anything more. Don’t be shy to order some more of those delicious curries. Some even do not let you go until you had at least 3 servings! As desserts, you are served with curd or Indian sweets.

Pack your bags and set out to discover some of the most delicious dishes across the world! Tasting these original dishes is no less than an adventure.

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