What Is the Connection Between Ethics and Social Media?

Social media is becoming increasingly ingrained in everybody’s lives. Whenever something becomes this important, data specialists become interested in it, because it creates behavioral information that can be used for marketing, politics, and more. However, this raises the important issue of ethics, something that Matt Knouff is currently working on. Essentially, a key question now is […]

Can You Really Drink Your Way to a Younger You?

Energy drinks are nothing new and most people in the health community don’t really like them. This is for good reason: these drinks are filled with artificial sweeteners, sugars, and caffeine. As such, they are associated mainly with an unhealthy lifestyle. However, Jeunesse has come up with something completely different. The company creates products that have […]

Ending poverty forever a road map

Source The last 30 years has seen a slow slide of living standards for the working and middle classes in this country. With little inflation-adjusted movement in wages, the increase in health care, housing, food, and other vital costs have been made that much worse. The offshoring of jobs has largely been behind this trend, […]

Keeping Your Body Fit to Play Sports

To be capable of playing sports at a high level requires that you do the things necessary to keep your body fit. Without this approach, there is a pretty good chance you will be injured and potentially Occasionally we will hear about a professional athlete who excels in spite of the fact that he or […]

How to Avoid The Dentist’s Chair

Ever since my very first trip to the dentist I absolutely hated the experience, there was nothing particularly bad that I saw or heard that left me with trauma, the whole thing just never felt right. Throughout the years my hatred for the dentist trip has only grown stronger and whilst I do have a […]