Top 5 travel destinations for gambling lovers in Africa

Africa attracts all sorts of visitors due to the diversity on the continent. From the pyramids of Egypt, visitors can learn all about Africa’s past and how writing started from Egypt’s hieroglyphics, moving down south, the jungles of West Africa provide for the perfect jungle adventures and also great bird watching experience as tropical birds fly from one place to another. In Southern Africa, the large tracts of savannah land provide for the perfect African safari, great wildlife watching and an opportunity to visit one of the world’s 7 natural wonders, the Victoria Falls bordering Zimbabwe and Zambia. In addition to all of the above, African destinations also provide a good platform for those who like to gamble be it online live blackjack or slots amongst others while travelling or on holiday. Most African countries have favourable gambling legislation and these are the top 5 destinations for gambling lovers in Africa.

Pilanesberg Game Resort (South Africa)

Anyone who has been to South Africa or who has researched about South African tourism must at one point came across the word ‘Sun City’. Sun City hotel is one of the best hotels in the world and it is located inside the Pilanesberg Game Resort. Away from the wildlife, Sun City also has another great attraction i.e. the Sun City Casino, Africa’s biggest casino. Sun City Casino has over 38 gaming tables and over 500 slots.

Gaborone Sun Casino (Botswana)

The Gaborone Sun Casino just like the Sun City Casino is another resort owned by the Sun International Group. Gaborone Sun Casino is part of the Gaborone Sun Hotel and it is located in the Kalahari Desert. Gaborone Sun Casino borrows much of its beauty from other Sun International brands but in addition to its luxurious interiors, it also has a colonial feel from the remnants of pre-independent Botswana architecture including the history of the Khoisan.

Casino de Maurice (Mauritius)

In the tropical paradise of Mauritius lies the magnificent Casino de Maurice. Casino de Maurice borrows much of its architecture from mediaeval Europe but still possess an African feel. Visitors to Casino de Maurice do not need to register nor is identification a requirement. A whole host of casino games are provided by the casino including touch bet roulette, slot machines, American roulette, oasis poker, and blackjack.

Golden Key Casino (Kenya)

Kenya has some great casino resorts but the Golden Key Casino is a cut above the rest with its glamorous décor and refined ambience. Offering a wide range of casino games from slots to table games and also a lottery, Golden Key Casino is perfect for all type of players including recreational and professionals.

The Great Casino of La Mamounia (Morocco)

The beautiful Great Casino of La Mamounia is strategically placed at the foot of the Atlas Mountain and offers a great relaxing environment for visitors after trekking the heights of the Atlas Mountain. Great Casino La Mamounia combines modernity and tradition producing an enticing viewing spectacle for its visitors. A whole range of casino games are offered by the Great Casino of La Mamounia.