Essential Things to Do When Moving to Vietnam

So, you have already made up your mind that you want to immigrate to Vietnam. It is a beautiful country for families, students, or individuals that are merely looking to venture into business. The main challenge, however, comes in planning and ensuring that the immigration process is a success. However, with the right plan and tips in place, everything gets easier. You need to ensure that you have all the necessities in place, and in this article, we will look at the essentials that you need during the preparations.

A valid passport

Before anything else, you should ensure that your passport is valid, and it is at least six months before its expiry date. You should check it early enough to avoid the last-minute rush as that could ruin your chances of acquiring a permit to move to Vietnam.

Visa application

You cannot possibly move to Vietnam without a visa, as it acts as the permit to show that you are not moving there illegally. The good thing is that with technological advancements, you can easily acquire your visa without the hassle of moving from one office to the next and waiting on queues to be served. You can obtain your visa online, but make sure you do so from a reliable platform. Also, check the most affordable Vietnam Visa Cost to avoid scammers. The application is easy, thus saving both your time and money. It only takes you a few clicks, and you will have guidance from professionals for a less stressful experience. With this, you will have more time to focus on other arrangements related to your immigration.

Plan on your finances

Ensure that you have enough funds to take you through your initial stay in Vietnam. Remember that even if you are going for business, you will not start earning immediately. You, therefore, need to plan ahead and put aside enough money for expenses.


You are advised to get vaccines before moving to a new country to protect you from infectious diseases. You do not want your stay in Vietnam to turn into a nightmare after falling sick immediately after landing. Prepare your immune system by getting the necessary vaccine before the traveling date.

Book your accommodation

You should never make the mistake of moving to a foreign land without the assurance that you have somewhere to lay your head. This could mess-up your whole trip once you land, and you have to start looking for hotels. Most of the accommodation rooms are booked in advance, and finding one that meets your needs can prove to be such a stressful task. It is, therefore, best if you take your time to book in advance. You will have more time to go through various providers, the features and prices of each before determining your best, based on how long you plan on staying in the hotel. If you already have relatives or friends living in Vietnam, this will be much manageable for you.

These are the top requirements or must-do things when planning to move to Vietnam. You can then book a flight to complete the preparations, and you are now ready to move to your favorite country. All the best!