Figure out your predestination with Shakuntali – the real one and for the whole lifetime

Are we born with our predestination written somewhere for us, or we can choose it? What happens when our life is not based on our predestination? How our past lives affect our predestination and can we correct the mistakes of our ancestors? Shakuntali will answer these questions here and also will tell you how you […]

What is PCOS?

A diagnosis of PCOS is one of the most common given to women in the UK. The NHS estimates as many as one in twenty women may be affected, but it’s not well understood, even by those living with the condition. Women’s reproductive health issues can be poorly explained by doctors, or there may simply […]

Skincare Trends for 2019

Quality skin-care, like fashion, is continually evolving. And just as women are shying away from smoking, tanning beds, and heavy make-up into a bright Meghan Markle-like natural look, so too are skincare companies responding. They hear what women are saying and they are working to give them what they want. Here are several of the […]