How To Make The Most Out Of Your European Get Away

Source: Unsplash | Marius Serban

When looking to go on a European getaway, there is a lot to consider. Whether it is the location you are looking to stay in booking the flights or even organising a taxi from the airport to your accommodation, these are all important elements that can help reduce the stress of travelling. In this article, we will be looking into how you can make the most of your European getaway.

Plan Accommodation And Travel Before Hand

When booking a European trip plan accommodation and travel in advance. Whether this is a month in advance or 2 weeks, this will help to reduce stress and ensure you have everything you need beforehand. It is also important to renew your passport and EU health card if required during this time, as this allows your application to be processed and sent to you in plenty of time before you travel.

Remember The Sun Cream

Though it may not seem very warm outside it is important to ensure that you are applying sun cream regularly throughout the day. This will avoid you getting burnt and allow you to enjoy the summer sun regardless of where you are visiting. If you are someone who burns easily, finding a sun cream with a built-in moisturiser can help to keep the moisture in your skin and prevent it from drying out quickly. This is particularly useful for those that are spending a large amount of time in busy cities as it can be stored in a bag and used when you can feel your skin burning.

Done Bring All Your Money At Once

The sad fact of life is that are pickpockets that operate in a number of cities around the world, particularly at popular tourist attractions. To avoid being stung by one of these pickpockets, carry all your valuables in your handbag and do not bring all your money out on one outing. Leave some in your hotel safe to make sure you have money left over in case of an emergency. If your bag has a zip or a latch, ensure that it is kept pushed to your body under your arm as this will help to prevent pickpockets from getting in and stealing personal items.

Avoid Peak Times

If you are looking to travel to some of the world’s most famous European landmarks, then it is vital to avoid peak times. This will not only give you a quite time to explore a tour, but it will also mean that you are walking around out of the heat of the day. This will help to prevent dehydration as other issues such as sunstroke.

Why Not Try Exploring At Night?

If avoiding peak times is not possible, then maybe exploring some of Europe’s major cities at night is more appealing. With a number of twinkling lights as well as outstanding nightlife, there is plenty for you to explore when the sun goes down. Many popular tourist attractions also have late opening times meaning that you can beat the queues either by travelling early in the morning or later in the evening.

Whether you are looking to visit the city of love or the heart of the ancient city of Rome, you are sure to enjoy all that Europe has to offer from the history to the nightlife and culture, you will not be disappointed. Where will you be travelling to first?