Sardinia A Self-contained Spectacle of Beauty See the Wonderful Sites of this Island

Sardinia is well known for its beautiful beaches and natural heritage. It accommodates many species and offers the opportunity for tourists to catch glimpses of them. It’s difficult to get through all the sites this Italian island has to offer, so choose the places you’d most prefer and book a ferry to Sardinia today. Here’s some of the beautiful sites you could take in on your trip, Inspired by this infographic.


Asinara National Park

Famous for its beautiful beaches, Asinara National Park hosts many wonders. Third largest island of Sardinia, it has lots on offer for pleasure and entertainment. Known as “Devil’s Island” For its history of being used as a quarantine location, Asinara will arrest all of your attention and leave you in awe. You can take part in a tour of the abandoned jails and have a first hand experience of what the life of this island was once about. View the endemic historical plants, rough but resilient cliffs and crystal clear waters. See the wildlife from rare white donkeys, wild deer and goat that hike the island’s many peaks. Walk the streets of the remote villages with their friendly locals. See your stunned reflection in the crystal clear waters of Cala Trabuccato, or maybe you’d like to walk the white sand beaches of Cala Sabina and when it comes to the beaches in Asinara, make sure you have your snorkels ready in order to take in the marine life that parade the waters. There’s so much that can occupy your time in this city. This island is very much untouched by modern development and therefore gives an authentic few of Sardinia.


Historic heritage, panoramic views and stunning beaches are all on offer on this paradise island. With its  rocky and green peaks where you can view the straits of Bonifacio, Gallura rightly holds the meaning of “area located on high ground.” Enjoy fantastically fresh seafood in the beachside restaurants or windsurf along the wavy yet wonderful waters.


Gorropu Gorge

Gorropu Gorge is the Grand Canyon of Sardinia. Get on your hiking shoes and conquer the mountains of this island and view the 360 views from the top. A different feel to the other peaks in Sardinia these green coated mountains are marvelous to behold. Feel enchanted as you walk through clefts  of the mountain and canyons. It’s also home to flower and fauna that will fascinate. Swim in the rivers next to the canyon and enjoy the magical experience of jumping off rocks and clambering round waterfalls and while there see the water look like stars as it reflects the sunlight. All these beautiful things are the result of the erosion by the Flumineddu river.

Mariolu Bay

One of the most popular beaches in the central-eastern part of the island, presenting a kaleidoscope of colours. Parade the beaches with its pink sands and tiny white pebbles combined. View the beach Where rocky cliffs kiss azure waters, perfect destination for snorkelling and scuba diving. Become best friends with the fishes, let the starfish rest on the palms of your hands, look in underwater caves and tunnels and cherish the memory of this underwater walk as photographic and filming services are provided.

Sulcis Natural Park

Lastly is Sulcis, where you can take in the history this rich terrain has to offer. Lavish mineral deposits that rest within the waters of this location. For those history hoarders out there, there’s lots to take in in Sulcis, like the Nuragic royal palace – see the tombs dug into rocks at Domus de Janas that date back millenniums ago. There’s many treasures  dotted across this island revealing tales of the Nuragic, Phoenician, Roman and Byzantine civilization.