Top Travel Destinations For Travellers To The UK


It’s almost a rite of passage – travelling to the United Kingdom. Many travellers of varying ages flock to this island nation year after year to explore the sights, sounds and deep rooted, diverse history of this country, and for good reason. With countryside littered with amazing blasts from the past as well as historic sites that have been lovingly restored to former glories, the UK is the travelling dream if you don’t want to wander too far from the well travelled path. Here are the top three things you must see on any visit to this well known and well loved country.


London is the capital city of the UK and is one of the ultimate destinations that visitors need to see at least some of when they step foot into the country. Depending where you’re coming from, chances are you will fly into London anyway, so you may as well start there. London has a varied and vast history dating back literally thousands of years and has seen occupation by the likes of Romans, Vikings, Normans and Saxons. It’s home to numerous (and we do mean numerous) tourist attractions such as the ancient Tower of London – both royal palace and prison, the London Dungeon for a look back at the dark side of London’s history as well as the palaces of Hampton Court and Buckingham. Windsor Castle is a short train ride away, as is the south coast, so not only is London chock full of attractions, it’s accessible, has amazing public transport and easy access to other parts of the country.

Salisbury and the South West

The small city of Salisbury and the South West of England in general are fantastic regions to travel to. Not only is Salisbury home to the impressive Salisbury Cathedral which dates back to around 1220, but it’s home to unique pubs like the Haunch of Venison, the New Inn amongst others. It also boasts a bustling charter market on Tuesdays and Saturdays, which has been going on for some 800 years. For a bit of history, check out one of only four remaining original copies of the Magna Carta housed in the Cathedral. This important document paved the way for every human rights charter that exists in the present day.

The South West is home to beautiful cities such as Bath and Bristol as well as unique, beautiful towns and villages like Bradford On Avon. The train ride from the likes of Salisbury to Bristol alone is enough to leave you breathless – so definitely make sure you go this way if you’re in the area.

The Yorkshire Dales

The Dales as they’re affectionately called are a large swathe of rolling hills lined with dry stone walls and dotted with highland cattle and sheep. This region is home to some of the most beautiful natural scenery around, and along with tiny villages like Grassington which throw you back in time, you will find yourself not wanting to leave this region. For other beautiful towns, check out Knaresborough, home to Old Mother Shipton’s Cave which has petrifying properties in the water due to the high mineral content. A definite must see if you’re in the area. For a larger city nearby, make time for Guy Fawkes’ birthplace, York. An old walled city, York boasts the beautiful York Minster cathedral as well as the Shambles – one of the most visited streets in Europe.

There you have three things you absolutely must see on any trip United Kingdom. This is literally not even the tip of the iceberg in terms of what there is to see and do in the UK, so make sure you do your research before heading there on an adventure. There is so much to see in almost every town, you will have no problem finding something to work for you.