Why Should You Choose VoIP?

VoIP (voice over IP) was created in order to offer access to voice communication to any destination around the world. In most places voice communication is costly so making a phone call to another country is going to be inaccessible. The phone bill will simply be too high. VoIP is solving this problem. It can offer you a virtual 0141 number and use it just like you would your phone but with a drastically reduced cost. The problem is that most people do not know much about VoIP so let’s see what the main advantages are when referring to this technology.

Saving Money

The regular phone system normally forces you to pay for all minutes spend communicating, with international calls being more expensive. VoIP is going to use the Internet as the foundation so you only have to deal with the ISP monthly internet bill as an associated cost. There will be a need to have broadband internet access with a good enough speed. Most people opt for ADSL for the suitable speed and monthly cost. After the system is in place, you can talk all that you want through VoIP and you will pay the exact same amount at the end of the month. The savings that you can make go as high as 90% with the international calls. With local calls you can save around 40%.

Speaking At The Same Time With Other People

The phone line restricts communications to only 2 people. VoIP will allow you to set up conferences with an entire team at the same time, allowing real time communication. Data packets are compressed during the transmission so carriers are able to handle a lot more data. An increased number of calls can easily be handled with the use of just 1 access line.

Cheap Software And Hardware

Internet users that want to utilize VoIP do not need too much additional hardware. All that is needed is an internet connection, a computer or mobile device, speakers, a microphone and a sound card. Everything is cheap and so many software packages are available right now for fast install and use. Skype is the most known application of its kind. A telephone set is not required with VoIP, although it can be connected to the setup if necessary (for instance, for office use).

Huge Number Of Possible Features

VoIP is highly beneficial because of the various features that can be added, creating a highly sophisticated and rich experience that is particularly useful for business use. Call management becomes simpler. As an example, calls can be made to any destination around the world and you can enjoy features like voicemail, contact lists, caller ID and having extra virtual numbers.


VoIP is definitely something that you want to consider for a business and even for personal use. It does expand the phone line system that you are surely used to and offers many extra features at prices that are lower than the phone line. You can always find great providers in the area where you live.