Awesome Clothing Choices For Your Pooch

Doggy fashion is big business and as someone who always likes to ensure that their dogs are looking their beautiful best, I can honestly say that I love the wide range of options available for my dogs when it comes to fashion. I first started getting my dogs dressed up a few years ago when a friend of mine bought me a beautiful brooch for my chihuahua from the company Wooflink, once I realized how making it looked, I started to look into more and more fashion pieces for my gorgeous pooches and they now boast their own closet!

If you want to pick up some stunning pieces for your dog, here are some of my favorite clothing choices that I like to dress my little babies in.

Winter Coat

Fashion should always be functional when it comes to your pets and one of the first big items that I invested in for my dogs were winter coats. Winter coats are perfect because they not only keep your dog nice and warm and protected from the elements, but they also look absolutely adorable when they have them on. If you have more than one dog, try to get matching coats, it looks absolutely perfect!


We wear shoes, so why shouldn’t our dogs, that’s what I say, and with so much range on offer for your dog’s little feet, it seems a shame not to adorn them with some beautiful footwear, or pawwear. I don’t always put my dogs in shoes, it depends on the weather but my little scottie looks absolutely amazing when he has his lumberjack coat on with some soft boots covering up his paws.

Collar and Lead

If you aren’t quite ready to give your pooch a huge fashion makeover, why not take e look at the collar and the lead as a start. These are items that all dogs will have and sadly items that too many people overlook as a fashion accessory. Why not add some glitz and glamor to your dog by investing in a collar and a lead that matches and has some style about it. I you are not sure whether your dog would suit some pizzazz, start with the collar and leader and you will soon find out.


Buying a handbag which can accommodate your dog is a perfect way for both you and your dog to look like a million dollars. Naturally you can only do this if you have a small dog, a St Bernard in your handbag may cause some problems! Assuming that you do have a small enough dog, take a look at the huge range of handbags which are available for you that look great in their own right and have a small pocket which is the perfect space for you to carry your little dog around with you, who said fashion was just about the dog!