Fashion Tips For (Very) Skinny Men And Women

Getting the right fit is crucial to a great look

Getting the right fit is crucial to a great look

The fashion industry celebrates the slim. Catwalks, shop windows and photoshoots regularly feature super-skinny models draped in the season’s fashions, customised just for them. In everyday life, it can be more difficult to find the perfect look if you are extremely slender. Here are some top tips for upgrading your style when you wear a very small size.

What shapes are good for very skinny people?

Ladies may wish to add curves to their outfit by choosing tops that create a bolder waist, such as peplum style shirts or classic Breton stripes that bring the eye around the body. Bootleg or wide-leg trousers are also fantastic to get that rounded look and create the appearance of fuller hips.

Men may appreciate the bulkier style created through layering – a tailored jumper will help give a sense of strong shoulders and give shape to a wiry frame. Do not go over the top with this though, wearing clothes that are too baggy will just swamp your frame. In the summer, printed t-shirts can be a useful option to add definition for both men and women. Tailored jackets will help structure your look and skinny jeans are a great choice for both men and women – no-one will pull them off better than you!

It is worth investing in a good tailor

The secret to looking stylish if you are very slender is to make sure clothes fit just right. This means everything you wear should follow the shape of your body closely – stretched or baggy outerwear will make you look bigger than you are. Shoulders and sleeves are particularly important.

Look for shirts that sit perfectly on the shoulder and make sure your sleeves are tailored tightly. Too much material will just make you look like a pirate if you have slim arms! A good tailor or seamstress can be hugely helpful in getting over these problems. If you are prepared to pay for small alterations you too can have the made-to-measure look that suits you perfectly.

Which fabrics are good for super-skinny people?

Textured fabrics, such as denim, corduroy or tweed, can help you create stronger lines in places you wish to accentuate. If you want to bulk up a little then look for items that feel a little rougher to the touch and are heavier or thicker than more flimsy linen or cotton. Think about rolled collars or bold patterns. These will give a sense of more body mass.

If you want to flaunt your thin figure then choose accessories that draw attention to your chiselled features and drawn-in waist. Great scarves are an excellent place to start; team them up with brightly coloured necklaces, ballet pumps and chunky jewellery that contrasts with your build. Colour is very important all fashion choices for very thin people. Wearing lighter colours will make you appear a little larger than you are, darker colours will let you show off your willowy features.

Fashion may be created with you in mind but dressing when you are very skinny has its own challenges. Take these tips on board and will soon feel as good as you look!