Getting the perfect look for your vacation

When you’re looking forward to a vacation, you’ll want to make the most of it. You can’t guarantee good weather or a destination that lives up to all your expectations, but you can make sure that you look your best. Taking some time to spruce up your appearance will help you make a good impression on the new people you meet and will get you in the holiday mood even before you set off. 

Prepare your skin

Making your skin look its best takes time. You should start with an intensive moisturizing regime about three weeks before you plan to leave, and work on rebalancing any oily patches with appropriate treatments. That will not only make you look better; it will also mean your skin is better able to withstand the elements, whether that’s hot sun, cold winds, the chill of the ski slopes or salty sea water. To top it off, consider getting a make-over in the final week before you leave and picking up some tips on new ways of presenting yourself. Remember that you won’t be able to take a large bag of skincare products or cosmetics with you, so focus on selecting what works for you. 

Prepare your hair

Few things change the appearance as dramatically as a new hairstyle. Short hair is much easier to manage on vacation, but if you have long locks that you love, you don’t need to chop them off. Why not go for an up-do or a braided style that keeps them out of the way when you’re reclining on the sand or perhaps riding a horse with the wind whipping around you. Your hairdresser will be able to help you develop a style that you can look after by yourself, or give you a new cut that makes you feel fresh and confident as you set out in search of adventure. Deep conditioning treatment before you leave is also a good idea as it will help to protect your hair from sun damage. 

Prepare your body

Everybody wants to look toned and fit in their beachwear, and you’ll get more out of holiday activities if you’re in shape before you go. Even just three or four weeks of working out before you set off can make a big difference to both your appearance and your level of fitness. The most important thing you should work on is your aerobic fitness. Even walking, gentle swimming or cycling helps, but if you want to make a real difference, you’ll need to take on tougher workouts. Make sure that you warm up properly and have the right gear because the last thing you want when you’re going on vacation is an injury. If there’s no retail store location near you, you can find compression clothing, good running shoes and similar items online. 

Liven up your wardrobe

When you’re setting off to have fun, you’ll want to wear fun clothes. Leave the suits at home and pick up clothes that feel comfortable as well as looking good. Bright colors will help to get you in the mood. Lightweight fabrics are easier to carry and can even make sense if you’re traveling somewhere cold because layering is a great way to stay warm. Look for things you can wear in different contexts and different ways – for instance, a sarong that’s comfortable on the beach can be modified into a dress for going out in the evening. It’s also a good idea to choose fabrics that are easy to wash by hand. 


Although you can only take so many clothes with you on vacation, you can make them look very different with the right accessories, and you can also change the appearance of your hair this way, so take some time to shop for the right bits and pieces beforehand. Sometimes the addition of a single string of beads can turn a simple day dress into a glamorous evening outfit. Hair clips, ribbons, and scrunchies expand the range of hairstyles available to you, and scarves can be worn in many different ways.

Pampering yourself a little and putting in the work you need to get into shape are a great way to cope with the build-up of excitement before your vacation starts. When you reach your destination, you’ll have more confidence and more energy, and you’ll be able to enjoy every minute of your time away knowing that you’ve got the look that complements your beautiful surroundings.