The Perfect Event Invitation – Why Online Options Are Growing In Popularity


Summer is a great time for events and activities of all kinds including parties of various types. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, a birthday party, stag or stagette, anniversary or other, one thing is for certain and that is the need for some truly unique invitations that stand out from the crowd. Check out a couple of great reasons why shopping for cards online versus in shops is becoming the next best way to find not only invitations but funny eCards at Hallmark for almost any occasion.

Fully Customisable Options

It’s happened to almost everyone before – a big event coming up that you need invitations for and you can’t seem to find the perfect style, colour or combination of the two. This is why it can be a great idea to take advantage of card websites customisable features, allowing you to upload your own photos directly to the website in order to then use your own choices of fonts, colours and more to create the perfect, unique invitations that truly highlight the event you’re wanting to invite guests to. This particularly works well for weddings with the engagement photo (if there are any) or just a cute photo of the couple as the main backdrop to the invite.

Quality Designs For Less

In most places these days cards and invitations are big business. The likes of high street stationery shops like Paperchase or Papyrus mean that the every day high street shopper are being offered various styles at fairly high prices, sometimes without enough selection being provided in the high street to suit their tastes. Online card shops for invitations such as Paperless Post are ideal in this situation, providing a one stop shop for all your invitation needs, along with not just customisable options but also designs by top name designers like Kate Spade.

Environmentally Friendly

Online card and invitation shops are not just convenient, but also environmentally friendly. Not only do the cards not need to take up a physical shop, but masses of cards and invitations don’t need to be produced until ordered, if paper options are selected. If not, the cards and invites are developed online for email, meaning that there’s no printing, no stamping and no delivery, all of which does their own small part to play in saving a bit of the environment at a time.

So there you have a couple of great reasons why opting to use an online card and invitation website is a great alternative to shopping on the high street. So check out the options online today and get started designing some great invitations for your next event.