Why Smartphones Are The New Age Game Boy

Back in the day the pinnacle of the handheld gaming device was the Game Boy. Its no surprise that Game Boy dominated the market with fun-loving games, like Super Mario Brothers and Donkey Kong.  It’s a new world and it’s more than possible to turn your iPhone or Android device into a fully-fledged on the go gaming device.

As much as smart mobile devices afford users with clear cut functionality it’s also very basic to transform your mobile device into a new age Game Boy.

The allure of Game Boy was its unique simplicity that had enthusiasts caught in pixels hook and sinker.  The games on Game Boy where simple, yet challenging enough to keep players entertained, and fixated on the tiny LCD in front of them. They were as good as a casino slots bonus is now, and always kept players coming back for more.

If you think your smart phone is just for calling and texting; think again as you literally have Game Boy to the power of ten in the palms of your hands.

Diversity Makes It Fun

The vast array of apps and games available on both iOS and Android allow for interchangeable fun in the palm of your hand.

There are loads of games to download and install on your opted for device.  Some classic games make landfall on your pocket rocket without blinking twice.

Big Hitters Always Go Mobile

The biggest names in the games industry have devoted specialised teams to recreate the best the gaming world has to offer, and bring it straight to your mobile world.  Obviously the mobile version is nowhere near as complicated as console or computer versions, but having the opportunity to take your favourites with you on the go opens u an entirely new world.

Nintendo exclusives and Sony computer entertainment alike bring you their exclusives on your mobile device with no questions asked.  One such example of an industry leader launching on a mobile platform is the exciting news from Nintendo. The gaming giant is set to release one of its most successful games ever, Animal Crossing on mobile devices later this year.

Mobile Gaming, The Drawing Factor

The games are simple, and remind players of the golden age of gaming.  The golden age was a simple time where thrills were as inexpensive as a single coin slotted into an arcade machine.

Mobile gaming afford users with a taste of the golden age, where gaming goes back to its roots and clearly defines one objective through straight laced play.

The Connection Is Real

In the current age we are living through, devices like smartphones have made us interconnected to everyone and everything around the planet, simply because these devices are always online. And since we are attached to our devices continuously it means we are always online too.

This kind of connection has led to online lay where we have not just fostered a sense of community but built relationships online with fellow gamers making for a meaningful gaming experience that has seen the world of gaming grow beyond measure.