6 Easy Ways to Find the Best Restaurant When Traveling

When you travel to faraway locations, you really should make it a point to find the best restaurant in the area. Trips to various places become more memorable when you have fantastic culinary experiences to go along with your sightseeing and beach forays.

But it’s not always easy to find the best restaurant in town when you’re a newbie to the area. Fortunately for you, there are ways which can help you identify the best place to dine in town, wherever you may be.

Use Your Online Social Network

Just how many online friends do you have? Nowadays, most people have numerous friends and families connected through social networking platforms, and they’re all eager to give their recommendations. So by simply telling a few people where you’re going, and soon you’ll have a list of good restaurants to visit on your travels.

The nice thing about these recommendations is that they offer lots of details than what you get on review sites. Your friends can tell you why a place is so great, which may be due to the good food, friendly service, relaxing ambiance, and reasonable prices.  Your friends can also recommend the dishes you should order.

For example, if you are traveling to South Florida and want to know the best beach bars in Miami, you can get lots of feedback by posting the question on Facebook. If you post your travel query as a question, Facebook’s recommendations engine will pick up on it and Facebook will help bring more awareness to your question. You’ll be sipping Mojitos in no time.

Do Some Online Research

Just Google for the “best restaurant in” and then insert the name of the town you’re visiting. If that town has more than 1,000 people living in it, chances are good that there’s a website that showcases the best restaurants in that area.

You can also check out the various food bloggers who live in the town or city you’re visiting. These experts can offer various personal accounts of all the foodie places they’ve visited in their part of town, and their insights can be very illuminating.

Use Apps

Yep—there’s an app for this too. You can download the apps from Yelp and TripAdvisor, and you can get recommendations and maps to where the best dining establishments are. The reviews can give you a nice overall picture of what to expect, and you cannot get the dishes that people are gushing over.

Ask Around in Town

Of course, your hotel concierge will have some recommendations for you, but then you do run the risk that they will simply give you the restaurants that they’ve partnered with.

So instead, ask other people in town. The cabbies and the cops can be great sources of where you can enjoy great food at reasonable prices. They sure have been around, and they know the places with the best reputations.

You can also ask the people who work at the various tourist spots. In fact, asking for where there’s good food can be a great way for you to start a conversation with the locals, and you can make good friends while you’re there.

Find the Restaurants that Always Seem Full of Locals

Restaurants gain a following among local diners when they offer good food at reasonable prices, and of course the locals will know the places to go to for a nice dinner in town. So do as the Romans do, and go where the locals go. If you notice locals lining for a particular dining establishment, it must be good.

Avoid the Restaurants near the Tourist Spots

These are the places that may be popular among tourists, but that’s not always because they serve good food. Most of the time, the popularity is entirely due to their proximity to popular tourist spots. For these places, it’s all about location. So they don’t have the motivation to actually prepare good dishes for discerning tastes.

Just walk a little bit farther. You get to see more of the city you’re visiting, and you may just find the best restaurant in town that the locals are keeping secret from you!