Different snacks for different activities

We’ve all been there – having something planned like a movie or games night and needing to find something awesome to cook up or bring to snack on for the duration. Picking the right snack for your activity or event can really help make or break the enjoyment or completion of it, so choose wisely! Here are a couple of great snack ideas for different activities you might find yourself doing and then suddenly needing a snack over!

Watching Films or TV

This is always a bit of an easy one when it comes to snacks and literally any snacks available work well to stave off hunger while enjoying your favourite films or TV shows. Popcorn, chips, crisps, chocolate and the like are all go to snacks when it comes to these activities and cinema corporations cash in on the sweet/salty preference in terms of these items being sought after when watching films and they have had huge success in doing so! 


When you need brain power you need brain food! Things like Larabars made from dates and nuts with coconut or your other choice of filling can be a great option to keep your motor running and our mind focused. Other great snack foods for brain power include most nuts and seeds, fruits like banana for energy and anything made with the likes of Ginko Biloba, a noted brain refresher! Trail mix with a variety of nuts, seeds, chocolate and more is an ideal way to combine all the favourites into one snack! 

Online Surfing

When it comes to surfing online and exploring sites of all kinds from Facebook to online casino and everything in between, you might wonder what snack foods are ideal. Depending on your personal preference and whether or not you’re watching your sugar intake, this can be a great time to snack on that little bit of chocolate you’ve been holding onto. It’s also a great time to wind down after dinner, so having your dessert around here is a great idea too! 

Gaming With Friends

We’re back to snacks that are easy to eat, don’t leave your hands greasy or sticky and can be a healthy alternative. Popcorn (of all kinds) is a great option here, and some people mix it with things like Smarties or other chocolate types for kids. The combination of sweet and salty makes for a great gaming snack and will have your friends coming back for more!

So whether you’re doing something academic or just plain old fun, snacks can really take the experience from one level to another. For best results, consider baking snacks or making your own versions of some of the family favourites such as popcorn balls, trail mix, regular popcorn, chocolates, brownies and more. With so many snack options out there today, it’s never been easier, so which will you choose?