The Beginner’s Guide to Carb Cycling for Weight Loss

Pro athletes have used unique fitness concepts for a long time. However, these techniques are now available to any ordinary fitness enthusiasts. These approaches include refeeding days, macro counting, and so on. As a bodybuilder, it is unrealistic to deploy these methods throughout the year. Nonetheless, they come in handy when you are trying to achieve a particular fitness goal. Carb cycling is a fitness tactic that is gaining massive attention. Read on to find out what it is all about.

What is carb cycling?                                    

Carb cycling is a straightforward dietary technique that revolves around alternating your daily, weekly, or monthly carb intake. The ultimate objective is to lose fat as well as maintain your physical performance while on a diet. Think of it as consuming carbohydrates only when your body needs them and excluding them when your body does not need them.

Who can use this dietary approach?

Carb cycling benefits active people with a preference for a low-carb diet or endurance athletes. When it comes to swimmers and runners, this technique of consuming a low-carb diet works well during preseason training. It increases the amount of glycogen that the muscles store. And when the season begins, these athletes can hit peak performance due to the reintroduction of carbohydrates. The variation in performance emanates from the optimal utilization of carbs when an athlete re-introduces them.

In matters of weight control, this technique comes in handy. A low-carb diet helps to maintain weight and keeps you healthy. And this explains why the keto diet is rising in popularity. When you combine this technique with the steroids from the meilleure source d’anabolisants, you can achieve your desired fitness goal. During a high-intensity exercise session, carbohydrates are the primary fuel for your muscles. To get the best out of it, eating carbs before and after the workout maximizes the gains.

Does the carb diet work?

As a fitness enthusiast, you are likely to be critical of various fitness concepts. You don’t have to worry about carb cycling because it is quite useful when done right. Research on this technique is still ongoing, but those who have attempted it claim to have seen its benefits. What’s more is that scientists have not documented its long term effects. Regarding helping with fat loss, the research is still ongoing. That said, experts recommend practicing carb cycling in moderation. Moreover, this tactic can drain you mentally.

How to practice carb cycling?

Carb cycling is a straightforward technique that anyone can try. To start, derive 60% of your carb diet from complex carbohydrates during the high carb days. On low-carb days, replace some of these carbs with healthy fats. Remember not to obsess with this approach so that it can be productive.

In the mainstream fitness arena, carb cycling is growing in popularity. It is not a dietary regime for the few elite athletes. Anyone can try it. So, if you would like to, do not hesitate. The results should be evident within a few weeks.