How to Avoid The Dentist’s Chair

Ever since my very first trip to the dentist I absolutely hated the experience, there was nothing particularly bad that I saw or heard that left me with trauma, the whole thing just never felt right. Throughout the years my hatred for the dentist trip has only grown stronger and whilst I do have a fantastic dentist in Dr. Kami Hoss, who always makes me feel comfortable, the smell, the sound and the sight of the dentist sends shivers down my spine. It is for this reason exactly that I have spent my life aiming to do all that I could to avoid having to go to the dentist and if you are the same as me, here are some tips to follow.

Get The Check Up

It may sound a little odd that I am suggesting that you go to the dentist in order to avoid going to the dentist but that is exactly what I think you should do. Having a regular check up can ensure that any minor issues are spotted early and in all honesty, my check ups are usually pain free and very quick. If you do not go for irregular check ups and you wait until you have a problem, your visit to the dentist will be a very different story and you will instantly regret it.

Caring For Your Teeth

Naturally, the best way to avoid anything other than a swift check up at the dentist is to properly care for your teeth, and here is how to do it.


You should be routinely brushing your teeth twice a day after meals, you should use a high fluoride toothpaste which helps to fight decay and strengthen enamel and you should also be using a toothbrush with a small head so that you can get into all of the hard-to-reach areas. Brush in a circular motion and makes sure that you brush both the tooth and the gum line.


I know a lot of people who don’t like flossing but it can really help with your gum health and you should try to do so at least once per day. When flossing, aim to do so slowly so that you do not irritate your gums and cause bleeding.


If you smoke, just stop, you are doing irreparable damage to your teeth and gums each and every day, not to mention all of the other problems that it brings.

Eating and Drinking

Red wine and coffee stains teeth so you should really be trying to avoid them from an aesthetic point of view. Regarding the health of your teeth, sugar is the biggest no-no and you should really try your best to avoid drinking or eating anything that is high in sugar content. Sugar sticks to your teeth and then is turned into acid which burns the enamel away, if you want healthy teeth, avoid sugar at all costs.