How to Care for Your Own Health While Working in the Medical Field

When people think about nurses they automatically think of a person that dedicates their lives to helping others. Nurses work tirelessly to look after their patients to make sure their health needs are met and they are kept comfortable and well-informed.

As you work to obtain your nurse practitioner doctorate degree from a school such as Bradley University, all these factors are probably swirling around in your mind, and let’s face it, they are probably a big part of why you’ve chosen a career in nursing. Clearly, you want to be able to help people, and studying to be a nurse will make that possible. What doesn’t usually occur to nurses and students in online doctoral nursing programs is how they will care for themselves, and stay as healthy as possible in their career.

A Busy and Challenging Career Choice

With your DNP degree, you have signed up for a career that is innovative, challenging, revolutionizing, and filled with rewards. Nursing is a selfless career that really brings out the very best in someone, especially if you choose to take more of a leadership track.

For those nurses who have been in the field for years, there’s a good chance they’ve built up immunity to many of the common illnesses out there, but as a new graduate, you will be starting at the bottom, being exposed to more germs than you’ve ever come in contact with. Staying healthy is a key aspect of your job so that you can be the best nurse possible. So how can you ensure that happens? Well, there are a few tips you can use.

Find Ways to Cope with Stress

The nursing field is one that is high-paced and filled with stress. Unfortunately, when people are under high amounts of stress, this is when they are most likely to get sick. The solution is rather cut and dry here, as it’s imperative you find a way to cope with your stress. In your field, stress will be a daily thing, so learning to deal with it right away will help you to be more successful in the long-run.

Things such as getting enough sleep, working out on a regular basis, eating well, and talking about your feelings can all help to relieve stress.

Eat a Healthy Well-Balanced Diet

Finding time to sit down and enjoy a meal during your shift isn’t always going to be possible. In fact, let’s face it, probably most days it’s not going to be a possibility. What this means is that you need to pack healthy snacks that pack a punch of energy, protein, vitamins, and nutrients all in one. Start your day off with a green smoothie, bring dried fruit as a snack, protein bars, a turkey or tuna wrap, and be sure to stay well hydrated all day.

Making Your Own Health a Priority

As a nurse, you will undoubtedly be putting everyone else’s health first, but it’s important to remember if you’re not healthy yourself, you won’t be able to provide your patients with the best care.