Everything you need to know about Life Medical Technologies

If you’d like to learn more information about Life Medical Technologies, simply continue reading to discover everything which you need to know about Life Medical Technologies. Including which of the medical company’s products is it’s best seller and most innovative product.

Everything which you need to know about Life Medical Technologies:

What is Life Medical Technologies?

Life Medical Technologies is a highly trusted company which specializes in developing, manufacturing and selling breast cancer diagnostic solutions for medical centers and hospitals which are looking to diagnose a variety of different types of breast diseases. A common example of which is breast cancer, which kills around 40,000 US women each year and is responsible for the deaths of over a million women, worldwide, each year.

What is Life Medical Technologies number one product?

Life Medical Technologies number one product is definitely BreastCare DTS an innovative device which can be used to screen women for breast cancer, without causing women undue pain. As traditional mammogram procedures are invasive and cause women of all ages a great level of stress and discomfort.

In fact, a large proportion of women put off booking mammograms entirely as they are put off by all of the horror stories which they have heard about mammograms from their family and friends.

Life Medical Technologies owners and executive leaders firmly believe that BreastCare DTS can significantly decrease the amount of breast disease-related fatalities which are reported each year both in the US and internationally. As if more women get screened for breast diseases on a more regular basis, medical professionals will be able to diagnose breast related diseases such as breast cancer quicker, which will increase their chances of being able to successfully treat their patient’s breast disease.

As when it comes to serious diseases such as breast cancer, the sooner a breast disease is diagnosed, the more likely an individual is to fight their disease and win!

Will BreastCare DTS completely replace traditional forms of breast screening such as mammograms?

Will the release of BreastCare DTS onto the medical market, completely replace traditional forms of breast screening such as mammograms? While in the future there is a distinct possibility that BreastCare DTS or a newer version of BreastCare DTS could completely eliminate the need for invasive forms of breast disease screening such as mammograms, until enough data is collected on the effects of BreastCare DTS as a product, physicians are being advised to use BreastCare DTS along with traditional forms of breast cancer screening. At least for the time being.

Who was the founder of Life Medical Technologies?

The founder of Life Medical Technologies is Ms. Carol Fitzergerald who now serves at Life Medical Technology’s president and director.

In conclusion, Life Medical Technologies is a phenomenally successful and innovative medical company which is committed to developing new, less invasive methods of diagnosing breast diseases such as breast cancer. Better yet, you can be sure that Life Medical Technologies will continue developing new diagnostic products in the future as Life Medical Technologies is primarily focused on saving lives.