Fun Ideas To Keep You Occupied In Old Age

As one grows older, the need to engage in leisure activities also increases. It not only rejuvenates the mind and body, but also keeps one physically active hence keeping some lifestyle diseases at bay. Leisure activities provide the much-needed stimulation to stay sharp. It is also effectual in preventing problems that can arise from being lonely and unoccupied. When one is engaged in leisure activities, they don’t feel socially isolated and disconnected.

Old age doesn’t have to be lonely and boring. Keeping yourself busy keeps the brain young. You can use these fun ideas to keep yourself occupied and productive. You can even suggest some of these ideas to your aging family members and friends.


Art activities will requires one to be in touch with their imaginative and creative sides. They are a good way to keep the brain alert and active. Activities such as painting, whether acrylic, watercolor or oil painting, provide a channel through which you can express your creativity. It also boosts your confidence in yourself and your abilities. You can even create mosaics out of items and come up with beautiful pieces of art.

If you are not in the mood to rack their brains for creativity, then a trip down the memory lane through scrapbooks could do the magic. It not only gives you a chance to document memories, but also serves as a reminder of significant past events.

Board games

The purpose of board games is to spur and drive the mind into action. Games such as bingo, chess, scrabble, monopoly and Trivial Pursuit among others provide a form of mental exercise.  This in turn improves their critical thinking and problem solving skills and keeps away age-related mental conditions like memory loss. Scrabble is also known to improve one’s vocabulary.

Physical sports

There a lot of benefits in keeping an active lifestyle in old age. Physical sports help in keeping the body strong, flexible and healthy. Physical activities lead to an active and healthy lifestyle.  As you grow older, you should still keep yourself active in less intensive physical activities like walking, jogging and running.

Swimming can also be a good form of physical exercise as there is a low risk of falling and suffering from bone fractures. Golf is another activity one can participate in at an any age with low risk of injury. If you already into the sport, see Monster Golf Swing Review for tips on how to get better at it.

Dancing is also a viable physical activity and also offers an opportunity to mingle and socialize.

It however advisable to consult with your doctor first before engaging in any form of physical activity.


Puzzles, just like board games, help to keep the mind sharp. Jigsaw puzzles, crosswords and Sudoku can come in handy for this. They also improve creativity, arithmetic and problem solving skills. There are puzzles that are made larger to help with the diminished eyesight. Crosswords also help in honing your critical thinking skills. Sudoku doesn’t require one to have arithmetic skills, you just have to find patterns which in turn builds their problem solving abilities.