Health Insurance for international students in Germany


Whether your school trip in Germany is based on German language learning or a cross-curricular activity, you will find many educational attractions in the country. During their school trip in Germany, students can explore the magnificent scenery of the Rhineland or learn more about German history in the capital city Berlin.

From a visit to the top language school in Berlin to spectacular landscapes of modern and vibrant European cities, the educational tours can be planned to meet your particular curriculum requirements. Here is a school trip guide to Germany with plenty of ideas on what to see.

Language school in Berlin

Berlin is one of Europe’s most amazing places with rich educational and cultural insights and some surprising adventures not commonly found in many places. A school trip to a language school in Berlin will give students a greater understanding of German history, culture, and lifestyle, whilst helping them to significantly develop and improve their language abilities. In a language school in Berlin, you can give classroom-based learning environment to students as they will be surrounded by native speakers.

Art & Design school trip

After spending some quality time at a language school in Berlin, an art school trip can be an amazing idea. The Berlin Wall East Side Gallery offers a wealth of design and art opportunities. Here students will learn how the architecture was influenced by Bauhaus in the 20th century. Only a few cities offer you such extensive art scenes and Berlin in Germany is one of them.

History school trip

Nuremberg and Munich are the places that witnessed the rise of Nazism. These cities were a Nazi stronghold. Fascination and Terror, a museum in Nuremberg is worth visiting with students so they can learn about the history of Germany. It’s a cheap place to get in and it offers a lot to learn. If you are in Berlin, students can learn from excellent educational visits to places that tell stories of disastrous events of the Nazi plan, known as the ‘Final Solution’.

Business Studies school trips

Students can immerse in the business studies school trips in Germany. Once after visiting a language school in Berlin and learning about the markets, students will realize that they are exploring one of the most powerful economic regions of Western Europe. With more information about the economy, students can get better market experience in the places like Aachen, Cologne, and Berlin. These cities attract millions of shoppers during Holiday season.

Computer Science school trips

Did you know that in Europe, Germany is the biggest exporter of technology? And did you know that Berlin is the Capital of Science, offering the densest network of research and science organizations in the country?

The country showcases computer science at its best and students can enjoy experiences that will stay with them for life. From language classes in Berlin to excellent destinations such as Ottobock’s Science Centre, you can find many educational attractions in Germany to see on a school trip.

Private health insurance

Also, accidents can happen quickly during the time abroad. It can be a simple sports injury or a traffic accident while shopping in the city. For international students there are some more appointments, for example, the health insurance from EU-countries can be accepted in Germany.  But the private health insurance offers even more for the students, It is said by law that every person that lives in Germany has to have health insurance. Private health insurance for foreigners instead covers the amount.