Helping to Keep Cities Safe for Tourists

Domestic tourism can help to revive a city that has few other industries to depend on. For example, Miami, Florida, is a beautiful city in Florida that has much in the way of arts and culture, but it also depends on tourists coming from near and far to maintain its hefty budget. Miami, Florida is also a city that sees a lot of crime, so those with an online masters in public administration degree are useful when it comes to deterring criminals. Public administrators help to improve city infrastructures so that public transportation can accommodate more tourists, police know to patrol areas that visitors flock to, and the city can host major events without delaying traffic.

Increasing Tourism Without Hurting Your City

You want an increased number of tourists to come to your home city so that restaurants stay full, hotels have plenty of bookings, and local businesses make profits. While local residents live and work on regular schedules, tourists are free to roam the city, making purchases and spending money on things that are primarily for leisure. If you want tourists to be an asset and not a target for unscrupulous criminals, you’ve got to use public administration to keep tourists centralized to the most secure areas. Encourage visitors to stay in hotels that are near police stations and discourage them from going to places that have less security.

Balancing the Needs of Visitors and City Residents

Although tourist spending can be great for your city’s economy, you also need to make residents feel like they have a value. Transparency should be used to explain how the needs of local residents and tourists are being protected. If you increase the city’s police presence for tourists then extra law enforcement should also be sent to high crime areas that don’t have a lot of visiting tourists. Don’t forget that city residents can improve the experiences that tourists have when they go through the city. Public safety should be used to protect every person present within city limits.

Balancing Your City’s Budget to Keep Tourists Safe

Cities that are known to host many tourists each year need to budget for visitor accommodations. Specifically, visitor centers, city workers, extra police forces, and emergency funding for medical care should be calculated to match the number of expected visitors. If you have an online MPA degree you can project how changes in tourist budgeting will improve security, as well as encourage more visitors to come. An understandable portion of the city’s budget can be spent on tourist accommodations and local residents will not be upset to see their taxes go to promoting tourism.

If tourists are to return to your city they have to feel safe while visiting and make it home with a great impression. Tourists will usually come for a repeat visit with their friends and significant others if they felt safe when they last visited. Make your city feel more welcoming and ask all tourists for suggestions on what can be done to make their next trips more memorable.