How to Boost Your Brain Power

Many of us will spend our lives looking after our bodies, or trying to lose weight, trying to get fit and trying to stay healthier and in the main this is for aesthetic reasons. An are alf the body which many people fail to focus on however in terms of improving and making healthier, is the brain. Many are not aware that you can take steps to boost the brain’s power and output and there are many professionals in the world such as Dr. Curtis Cripe who specialize in helping people unlock the power which their brain has.

If you are interested in boosting your brain power then here are some tips on doing so.

Mental Workout

The brain is very similar to any other muscle in your body and if you give it a good workout you will see that it performs at a much higher level. When you learn new things, pathways in the brain are opened and connection between neurons are made, this is what helps your brain to better function. In order to give it a workout, you simply need to ensure that you are always testing your mental capabilities and that you are seeking to learn new things whenever possible.

Physical Workout

Physical workouts not only help to improve your body, they also help to improve the health and the performance of your brain. When you exercise there are numerous chemicals which are triggered in the brain that help to improve its health, you also create greater blood flow to the brain as you exercise and your brain produces nerve-protecting compounds which improve brain performance and overall health.


If you are not getting enough sleep then you are risking the health of your brain and its functionality. During the hours of sleep your brain has the opportunity to relax and rest as well as process all of the days events. It is during these hours that the brain creates and maintains new pathways and connections which have been opened during the day. You should be getting a minimum of 7 hours of sleep per night in order to both boost your brain function and protect your overall mental health.

Listening to Music

Research has shown that listening to classical music can in fact make you smarter and if you do so whilst exercising, it has the power to boost cognitive levels and improve verbal skill in some people that have actually been diagnosed with coronary artery disease. Listening to music in general has also been shown to have a dramatic impact on cognitive function and increased mental focus. This is a simple pleasure which life presents us with and one which can significantly improve how well your brain is performing, it would be foolish not to take advantage of it!

What tips do you have on improving brain performance? Let us know in the comments below!