How to Make Sure That You Stick To Your Diet

For many years I tried and failed at almost every diet that I ever started and it used to really get me down. I have never been massively overweight but I have yo-yo’d up and down the scaled for as long as I can remember and last year I decided that I had to do something about it. My friend Heather Weber and I decided that enough was enough and that no more would we try out faddy diets or the latest crash diet plan that was doing the rounds. I managed to not only stick to my diet bit lose the weight  that I wanted to and I have never looked back, if you are having the same problems as I had, here are some ways that you can make sure that you stick to your diet.

Buddy Up

Starting my health eating plan with my friend Heather was definitely one of the keys to me sticking with my diet and if you know someone else that wants to live a healthy life then you should try to buddy up with them so that you can help each other. When you diet with someone else it adds pressure to you shoulders and gives you a real sense of accountability, you are both going through the same thing and you can lean on each other for support and advice when you are struggling.

Make Sundays Count

One of the main reasons why I always failed with diets in the past was because I never planned well enough in terms of what I was going to eat and convenience food is almost always of the fattening variety. For that reason I made sure that Sunday was my meal planning day and I would go to the grocery store to buy everything that I needed for the week ahead. Once I got back form the store I would prepare my salad, fruits and vegetables for the week and this made sure that through the week, I had everything that I need for a healthy diet. Th only other tip I would add here is that you should eat before going shopping, going in hungry will see you spending more money and buying junk food, trust me.

Reward Yourself Regularly

I needed incentives to keep me going and instead of making these long distance goals such as a reward after three months of dieting, I would give myself small rewards at the end of each week. This does require a little self discipline but if you can do it then it can really help you to keep going. Be sure not to reward yourself with fatty foods, that sort of goes against what you are trying to do, instead buy yourself a new top or a pair of shoes. This incentive greatly helped me to stick to my diet and I would advise that you do that same.