Is Trust Dead: Relationships In The Digital Era

It didn’t seem that long ago that we were all shocked by the sheer extent of the Ashley Maddison Scandal. Whereby men and women were revealed in leaked details to be part of a hook up and affair site. Some of which had high profile marriages or relationships.

It seems, that in these modern times, trust within a relationship may be hard to come by. But why is this? Has the digital era meant that trust has died? If it has, why could this be?

Is it easier to cheat now?

One thing that could be having an impact on the levels of trust, as well as infidelity in modern relationships is simply because it is easier to cheat now. Something that the release of the Ashley Maddison website details shows.

There are a variety of ways that you can find men or find girls looking for sex, flirt and hook up, all in secret. Particularly if you are already in a relationship. Not only is this thanks to specially designed websites or dating applications, but even just social media itself.

The change in perception of marriage

Perhaps we can’t blame the demise of trust solely on the world of online dating, hook up sites and social media? Surely there must be other reasons why some partners stray and the trust ends up broken within a relationship.

One other reason for this could simply be that more and more people see marriage and relationships in a different light. Gone are the days when a nuclear family is the norm. In fact, more and more people are approaching the idea of a family in a slightly alternative way.

The emphasis on the importance of marriage has changed too. Less and less people are seeing marriage as a necessity in order to be a family, and not only this, but marriage itself is becoming less religious. Could both of these things also be having an impact on why infidelity is on the rise?

Can you keep a relationship alive without trust?

This is a tricky one. Some people would say that yes, you can learn to trust someone again over time, particularly if you are in a long-term relationship. However, this isn’t true for everyone, and many people feel that once the trust is gone there is no point continuing on in a relationship.

The last thing that you will want, for you, or your partner is to feel the need to keep tabs on the other person. This could be by checking their phone, their social media or simply asking them to prove to you where they are.

None of these things are a sign of a solid and stable relationship, and in fact could be a sign that you need to call it a day.

The trick to trust

Whilst it may seem that trust is hard to come by at the moment, plenty of couples do still manage to trust one another. Perhaps the key to this is finding the right person? After all, if you are in a relationship with the right person, then there is no need to worry that they will stray. They should always stick right with you, just like relationships should be.