Jack Elway: Why you need compound exercises in your fitness regime

If you have been keeping tabs on the fitness industry for some time, you’ve probably heard all about compound exercises. They are referenced by seemingly every personal trainer and fitness guide out there – but it’s all for good reason.

These are exercises that are performed by the very best in sport, with Jack Elway being a prime example.

For the purposes of today, we have quizzed Elway on his views regarding compound exercises, and just how they can help the Average Joe really develop. Here, we’ll take a look at the benefits that they can offer to you.

They allow you to burn more calories

As we all know, compound exercises are all about the major muscle groups in the body. It’s all about tapping into exercises like quads and bench presses – both of which activate the large muscles in your body, as well as all of the smaller ones around these.

From a calorie burning perspective, this is really significant. Your body needs more energy to work these larger muscles, as naturally they require that little bit extra to work. More blood will be pumped to them, and to do this the body works harder. The upshot of this is that the amount of calories that you burn during your workout will be sky high.

Your body will produce more testosterone (plus other growth hormones)

One of the buzzwords in the bodybuilding industry right now is testosterone. In fact, it has been for a number of years. The reasons behind this really aren’t surprising. After all, testosterone makes fat burning so much easier, while it also facilitates muscle growth. It’s a win-win, particularly if you can naturally increase the amount that your body produces (rather than relying on artificial means).

Studies have shown that compound exercises can have an immense effect on the amount of testosterone that your body produces. This means that training with compound exercises in one area of the body is actually going to benefit your whole body.

The benefits to your core

A lot of us can be guilty about not training our core; it’s usually tagged onto the end of the odd workout.

This is where compound exercises come into the picture again. A lot of exercises involving machines see your body guided by the movement of the machine. This effectively makes it much easier for you.

When it comes to compound exercises, the movement is all up to you. You are there to guide the weight – and there’s no direct path so to speak. It means that as well as the main muscle groups, lots of smaller ones come into play as well. Suffice to say, your core falls into this category.

As you develop your core, you can expect to see your other areas of your body improve. You’ll have a much more solid base, with the result of this being that you can then lift heavier weights.