Knowledge Is Power, Even When it Comes to Breast Cancer


Breast cancer is a frightening form of cancer and it is also very common. Women all over the world are rightfully worried about developing it. Unfortunately, although treatment has improved greatly, it continues to be a deadly disease. It is vital that every women learns about this form of cancer, early detection, and the mastectomy procedure so that they are more aware of what could happen to them.

Early Detection

Early detection of breast cancer can be done through routine breast examinations, which you can do yourself. All you have to do is look at your breasts and feel the breast tissue for consistency. You can do this at home, in the shower, in bed, or anywhere else where you are comfortable. Knowing what to look for is one of the most effective ways of spotting breast cancer and getting the necessary treatment before it is too late.

After Diagnosis

If you do spot something, or otherwise receive a diagnosis, do know about the treatment options that you have available. There are different ways of treating breast cancer, each of which is unique and has its own advantages and disadvantages. The best method varies from one woman to the next as well. This is why it is so important that you learn about the possibilities, so that you have the confidence to make the right decision.

One option, for instance, is the lumpectomy, which is not as invasive as total breast removal – the mastectomy. Rather, some of the tissue of the breast, where the cancerous cells are found, is removed instead. Usually, you will then have to go through radiation therapy to make sure there are no more cancerous cells. The lumpectomy, however, is only suitable for those who have a very clear tumor that hasn’t spread to various other areas. A disadvantage is that, statistically, there is more chance of the cancer returning because some of the tissue will remain. While radiation therapy should stop this from happening, this is not always effective.

Other women have to have a mastectomy, which is far more extreme and invasive. Here, the entire breast, or most of the breast is removed. This means that all cancerous cells are taken out, even where they haven’t appeared yet. This means there is almost no chance of the cancer coming back, as the tissue it was affecting is completely gone.

A lot of women don’t like the idea of a mastectomy because it means their entire breast is taken away, and they fear they will lose part of their feminine identity. However, thanks to new mastectomy bras and reconstructive surgery, most women develop a normal appearance. Yet, the aesthetic impact continues to be a significant concern for many women, and understandably so.

Nobody wants to develop breast cancer. Unfortunately, however, it will be inevitable for some women. This is why it is so important that everybody knows how to spot the cancer, and the treatments that are available to them, so that the impact can be much less severe.