Nectar Sleep Mattress Reviews – What Can You Do To Improve Your Quality of Sleep

For one reason or another, there are literally thousands people in the world who have difficulty with their sleep. For many it is falling asleep in the first place that presents a problem, others find difficulty in staying asleep and some will find that although they are sleeping, the quality is poor. The consequences of sleeping like this can be huge and poor sleep can result in low energy levels, higher chance of illness and an inability to deal with stress.

In order to avoid these problems as a result of poor sleep, here are some of the things which you an be doing to improve the quality of your sleep.


You will spend almost a third of every year laying on your mattress and sleeping, for this reason it is well worth investing in a great quality mattress that is comfortable, supportive and spacious. I was poring over some Nectar sleep mattress reviews recently and was surprised to learn the frequency at which people change their mattress. You should look to buy a new mattress at least every 5 years and if yours is not comfortable, it is time to upgrade.

Medications for Sleep Disorders

Difficulty falling or staying asleep can be aided with non-medical treatments like a new mattress or environmental changes mentioned on this page. However, when sleep issues persist it may be time to consult with a medical professional who can make some recommendations to help you sleep more soundly. In addition to over-the-counter sleep aids you can get at your local pharmacy, your doctor can also prescribe medication for sleep treatment. A promising medical advancement often recommended by medical marijuana doctors in Florida is CBD oil, one of the two major constituents of marijuana, the other being THC. CBD has been shown to not only improve the quality of sleep one receives, but also the duration.

Nightly Routine

the absolute key to ensuring that you improve the quality of your sleep is to adopt a routine each night that leads up to you getting in to bed. The first step is to go to sleep at the same time each night and wake up at the same time each morning. Doing this will train your body into knowing when it is time to rest and time to be alert and you will find that you sleep easier, better and wake up feeling sharper.

As part of your routine, you should also be looking to have a process which sees you wind down and relax. The activity that you need to get relaxed is up to you but it should be something that does not involve mental stimulation and something that can ease you into tiredness.

Avoiding Food and Drink

In the hours before bed, the only thing that you should be consuming is water, if you fill your body up with food or energy in any shape or form, your body will be focussed on digestion whilst you sleep and not on resting and recuperating. After you have finished your evening meal, try to avoid any food and drink other than water.

Fix The Environment

The environment in which you sleep is vitally important to falling asleep and enjoying quality sleep and you should make sure that your bedroom is the perfect setting for sleep. In order to get the environment right, you need to make sure that light and noise are completely shut out as pollution such as this will alert the brain and make it think that it needs to be active when it doesn’t. Black out the room, do what you can to cut out the noise and enjoy the perfect night of sleep.