Some Health Conditions Faced by Seniors

Since seniors are living longer being able to handle a chronic health condition is essential. It’s crucial for you to be pro-active as you age, so you know what is normal for you and what isn’t. To help deal with chronic health conditions, you can make lifestyle choices, which are healthy and better for you so that you can live better with a chronic disease.

Chronic health conditions

There are many types of different chronic health conditions that affect seniors. Knowing what the disease is about and the ways to deal with it is vital for your lifestyle. Caring People has published an article about how to cope with common conditions and healthy issues in the elderly.

Lets talk about some health conditions that affects seniors:

  • Arthritis:This chronic disease is one which is frequently a condition which is suffered by many seniors. It can lower your quality of life as well as be painful. Although arthritis does affect physical activity, it’s important to work with your doctor to develop an exercise and treatment plan which works for you.
  • Cancer:As you grow older, the risk of getting cancer can increase. However, most cancer that is caught early is usually treatable. If you have a type of cancer which can’t be cured, there are treatments which can put it into remission, sometimes for years.
  • Heart disease: Heart disease is one of leading causes of death among seniors over 65 years of age. The diseases of diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure all can place stress on your heart. You can improve your heart health by eating a healthy diet, limiting saturated fats, sugar and alcohol and stopping and stopping smoking.

Other chronic conditions

  • Osteoarthritis:This disease is a natural process that affects the cartilage between your joints. As you age, excessive weight, injury bad genes, and even smoking can help to accelerate the condition. To help with mobility, gently exercise a pain-relieving medication can be used.
  • Diabetes:Since diabetes is a silent disease, you may not even know you have it until damage is done. This disease damages small blood vessels and the nerve fibers throughout your whole body. Unfortunately, the long-term damage can affect your kidneys, cause problems with your feet, heart disease, and even blindness.
  • Alzheimer’s and dementia: The memory loss that happens with these two diseases will continue and get worse with time. By keeping active in both your mind and your body, you could delay the onset of these diseases.
  • Incontinence:When we age, there are changes to our kidney, bladder and the structures surrounding them. For example, the kidney’s ability to remove the waste from our blood is compromised. With the bladder, it loses the ability to hold large amounts of urine like it used to. Plus, the nerves around the organs become less sensitive, the blood vessels surrounding your organs harden, and the muscles weaken. Many of these issues, however, can be treated either surgically or with medications issued by a doctor.
  • Depression:When you are depressed, it can lower your immune system. This will compromise your ability to fight off infections. But with therapy and medication, depression can be treated.

If you have a chronic disease, with proper treatment, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life.



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