Sono Bello Looks at How Acupuncture May Improve Appearance

Scottsdale, AZ is home to a number of clinics such as Sono Bello, where people turn to in order to improve their appearance. Various facial and bodily procedures are proving to be particularly popular. Recently a number of reviews and comments have been left by people who believe that acupuncture could be helpful in improving overall appearance. So that others dont simply jump on the amp and have acupuncture completed, only to find there are no benefits, Sono Bello reviews how this procedure could be of benefit. In their review, they have looked at the different aspects of this Oriental practice to look at what benefits it offers.

Sono Bello Reviews Acupuncture

While acupuncture is mainly designed to help with the flow of energy, breaking through blockages that can cause a variety of health problems, it seems that it may also be beneficial for the way people look. It seems that, which is almost undeniable, our hectic lifestyle is causing our skin to suffer. The idea is that acupuncture may improve appearance by also reducing stress.

Firstly, it may help to reduce puffy eyes. Most people wake up with some puffiness on the morning, but some find that the swelling lingers. If this happens, then acupuncture may be of benefits. This is because it helps to make blood flow more effective. This means tissue can be rebuilt and information can be fought. Very simply, acupuncture helps to redirect the blood to the affected area.

Secondly, some believe that it can help to diminish the appearance of fine lines. Facial acupuncture is said to be far more beneficial than anti-aging creams. Specifically, practitioners believe it helps to plump up difficult areas such as laugh lines and crow’s feet. This is particularly  effective if electrical stimulation is used through the acupuncture needles as well. Doing so will stimulate the muscles, brightening and lifting the face. At the same time, it helps to hydrate the skin thereby creating a glow that a serum or moisturiser will never be able to achieve.

Thirdly, acupuncture helps to lower levels of stress. This has been scientifically proven, which is why acupuncture is now sometimes even covered in insurance packages. The fact that high levels of stress have an impact on our overall appearance should also come as no surprise. As such, it seems logical that having acupuncture to lower stress will also make the face look brighter and better overall.

Last but not least, it is a known fact that acupuncture is beneficial to the health of the gut. When there are problems with the skin on the outside, it is often because there is also something going on on the inside. Some practitioners of both western and eastern medicine believe that all physical problems have their root in inflammation, and that all inflammation starts at the level of the gut. Hence, if someone develops skin blemishes, wrinkles, spots, or other problems, it could be because of gastrointestinal inflammation, which in turn can be remedied through acupuncture.