Stayed Informed With Lightning Detection

Lightning storms can be dangerous if one is caught unaware when out in the open without any protective covering. There was a case where a couple was out taking their evening walk in the park. They were both found dead on the walking track and it was suspected that they were strike by lightning while walking because there was no sign of foul play.

For those who enjoy outdoor activities or spending a lot of time outdoors e.g. campers, hikers, golfers, sports officials, etc. it is advisable for them to be equipped with a personal lightning detection device. This personal lightning detector can detect and estimate how far away the detected lightning strike was. Some personal detectors can even estimate the direction of the storms, whether it is approaching, departing or stationery at the area of strike.

The personal lightning detector works through the application of electronics and software, identifies and is able to track the activity of the storm within approximately 40 – 75 miles of the user’s location. Warnings can be sent to the user’s smartphone or through email notification. While lightning detectors may have their limitation, it is increasing in popularity among outdoor lovers.

Users can also connect a PC lightning detector directly to their PC to receive detailed strike data on the PC. The owner of a PC lightning detector who is the prime user of the lightning data, can set up a lightning detection network by adding other lightning related products to provide service to other new users. By controlling data quality and access to services, the owner of the lightning network can benefit from the network operations. Creating and increasing the awareness of lightning risk among the public, the owners can also benefit in the sale of their own lightning based products.

We all know that lightning affects power lines, electronic devices, communication networks and open-air activities. When this happens, businesses are greatly affected. Lightning data allows users to adapt their business operations, find the reason for the accidents and plan to repair to ensure better safety and efficiency. A lightning detection network is able to provide important information which can be used by the number of connected users through specially designed products.

Through the use of lightning detection network, our professional meteorologists are kept informed of the changing weather conditions and they forecast specifically to our locations so we can be better prepared for what’s coming. Organizers of sports or outdoor activities will have ample time to decide, whether to postpone or to cancel the event for everyone’s safety.