The Worst House Pests and How to Exterminate Them

Companies who are dealing with pests have created their own strategies on how they could free the property from the damages incurred from the pests which keep on destroying the property and increasing the risk for the owners to get sick. The list shows the worst house pests and ways on how they enter the house. The list would also feature how companies dealing with pests are strategizing to exterminate these animals and make the property safe and pest free. Everyone has to deal with pests once in a while. When this happens, the best solution is to call pest control companies to stop the growth of the pest population.


Rats have been known since ancient times as a carrier of diseases. It is suspected that rats have carried the Black Death to Europe, killing millions of people. Today, rats number in billions around the world, and people are dealing with how they could curb the growing number of these pests. One of the reasons why rats would enter a home is because of the abundance of food inside. A single rat would break into the house, taking the food that it wanted. In some cases, a rat couple would hide inside the house, reproducing and giving birth to hundreds of baby rats. This would increase their population in a short amount of time. One would later discover that their house is already infested with rats.

To deal properly with rats, pest control uses poison and mixes it with leftover food. Once consumed, the poison would quickly kill the rat. The property owner would have to remove all the dead rats after they are killed so that they would never decompose inside the property and any diseases will still be under control. Another way to kill these pests would be hunting them one by one. It would mean that holes inside the house will be checked to see if rats are still inside. It would be a tiring but rewarding experience. You could then get back to enjoying life again.


In tropical and subtropical areas, flies abound. They are considered pests. Fly swatters can be used to control the number of flies inside your home, but the fluids inside their bodies could spread out diseases. Electric fly swats are readily available, and it uses a small jolt of electricity to kill the flies. Flies would die quicker, without spreading any diseases. One of the reasons why fly populations would explode is because of the presence of farms in the area. Usually, a fly would lay an egg which will give birth to thousands of flies. They prefer a pig sty or chicken coop. These places abound with the nutrients that the flies want.


These insects eat wood, and they could cause structural problems inside your house if they are left untouched. Pest control dealing with termites would usually hunt for the queen, which is laying thousands of eggs in a short span of time. Termites are social animals, and they are forming a colony that usually takes orders from the queen. Once the queen is dead, the termites would have to fend for themselves without knowing what their next move will be. Termite colonies can be traced using the hard network of crust that they create, and it usually leads to termite mounds which are a couple of feet high.


Cockroaches are one of the nastiest animals on the planet, and they are responsible for spreading a lot of diseases. These animals can be found hiding in garbage bins. Once they step onto your food, there is a higher chance that you will get sick because it will be easily contaminated. Cockroaches live in cities, and most properties are dealing with them with the help from companies offering pest control services. To effectively remove the cockroaches, chemicals are being sprayed on the animal to kill them instantly. However, cockroaches are known for their extreme defense mechanism, and they would not easily die. A strong chemical formula must be made to kill them off instantly. Pest control would also need to monitor the property frequently to ensure that the cockroaches have completely died out. In some cases, a small portion of the population survives and reproduces once again. According to scientists, cockroaches could also survive a nuclear way – another reason to have a tougher action on how to curb their thriving population.