Ways to Overcome the Fear of Flying

Flying is the most efficient mode of travelling long distances, and not being able to do it can seriously get in the way of business and family. A fear of flying can seriously hinder a person’s ability to visit friends and other loved ones, attend business meetings, or taking an occasional vacation overseas; all of which can seriously lower a person’s quality of life feeling like they’re held back by fear.

People that suffer from Aerophobia can conquer their fears by utilising the multiple resources available which teach people how to overcome fear of flying. Some of them are even available for free.

Education is Important

One of the best ways to dispel fear is to educate yourself fully on the topic. Learning about planes, what to expect, safety protocol in case of emergencies, and what is and isn’t normal are key ways to help a person feel confident in their flight experience. By taking some of the mystery out of flying and wondering what every noise or bump can be, a person can separate fear from danger and can instead focus on staying relaxed and keeping track of their needs.

Prepare for the Anxiety

No matter how hard one might try to avoid it, anxiety will be a natural part of the flight, sometimes persisting even after a person is able to start flying comfortably. The best way to deal with anxiety is to anticipate it’s arrival and be prepared to make adjustments for it. Whether it be by taking medication, practicing deep breathing, or maybe having a glass of wine to help loosen things up, anxiety is far easier to deal with if it is expected.

Get Help from a Supportive Person

It can really help having a fly partner that understands what is going on and can assist in keeping one grounded and focused on breathing and staying calm. Sometimes the best way to deal with fear and anxiety is to distract oneself from it through conversation and interacting with another person. Just having another person to help and be supportive can do a lot to make the fearful person feel more at ease and comfortable with their situation.

Keep Trying to Fly

With any kind of phobia one of the best methods used to overcome it is with gradual exposure. In the case of a fear of flying, the only option available is to keep attempting it. Book that flight to see family a few states over or go on that dream vacation, even if things don’t go well it’s important to stay positive and keep attempting it until one can start to feel more comfortable.

Overcoming a phobia as intense as a fear of flying can be overwhelming and stressful, but it is always possible with help and the right tools. A positive attitude and believing that one can succeed it can make all the difference. Hopefully, these tips can assist in getting started on the journey to overcoming fear. If these methods do not work, then counselling with a therapist or other help program are usually helpful.