What You Need to Know About Getting Back Into Shape After Pregnancy

The average woman can gain up to thirty-five pounds – or more – during their pregnancy. The good news about this is that most of this weight consists of your baby, amniotic fluid placenta, maternal blood volume, and even fluid in certain tissues. Then there are the maternal fat stores that you will use while breastfeeding.

On paper, it seems as all of the weight that you have gained over a nine month period should vanish with nothing left in place. Of course, as too many mothers are aware of, this is simply not what happens. Instead, you are left with a lot to deal with once your baby is born. Fortunately, this is not something that you have to continue suffering with. There are several remedies that you should keep in mind to get yourself back to your old body.

Beware of the Post-Breastfeeding Weight Gain

If you are breastfeeding, congratulations! Not only have you made an excellent choice for your little one, you are helping yourself out as well. A lot of the fat stores that you accumulated during your pregnancy will be used up while breastfeeding, helping you to lose weight. Now, while you are breastfeeding, you will need to increase the number of calories that you consume. This means tacking on an added 500 or so calories. However, as you could be burning 600 or more calories by breastfeeding alone, there is nothing to worry about. It is important to remember that once you stop, you are going to need fewer calories. Therefore, if you continue to eat the way that you did, there is a good chance you will gain weight.

The Healthy Diet and Exercise Combo

For the longest time, the myth of “eating for two” has prevailed. Pregnancy is typically a time for women to eat as much as they want and in some instances, eat weird food combinations as a result of cravings. This can be something that is difficult to stop once you have given birth. This is why it is important to only keep healthy, unprocessed foods in the house until you get a handle on your eating habits.

For a new mother, exercise can feel like an unachievable goal. The key here is to stop thinking of exercise in terms of gyms or going to a spin class. You can burn calories (and lose weight) simply by moving. Therefore, going for a walk, doing housework, and just being on the move can help you drop a couple of pounds.

Dealing with Persistent Problems

Now, most mothers will exclaim that they have tried diet and exercise but to little avail. There are still some pesky problems that simply refuse to go away. These tend to be that pouch that hangs around your stomach, those breasts that are no longer as perky, and stubborn pockets of fat. The unfortunate news about this is that diets and exercise aren’t going to help. However, there is many a mommy makeover surgeon in Scottsdale that is skilled in treating these problems. With a mommy makeover, you will be able to banish all of these issues in one fell swoop.

This is what you really need to know about how to get your pre-baby body back.