5 Ways to Actually Grow Your YouTube Channel

Every YouTube channel started small. Now is the time to start thinking of the ways to actually grow your YouTube channel. Follow these tips and you might just own the next most viewed, most subscribed, and certainly, the most sought after YouTube channel.

  1. Use your passion.

The more people interested to the channel, the better. Through aligning the right viewer to the right video, more people watch more videos. However, this doesn’t mean that you will always be hyped at what’s new and popular. People will eventually get bored watching same things over and over again.

Everyone is a unique individual. So it is certainly futile to adjust all of your videos to the whims of all. Be yourself. Be different, but not too different that in effect makes you weird.

Some people think of joining Youtube to make profits out of it while travelling. However, that should not be the mindset of a beginning Youtuber.

Follow your passion, do the things you are good at and show them how your individuality actually contributes something to society. Remember, no amount of reason is stronger and nobler than simply enjoying what you do.

  1. Don’t forget the basics.

The only difference of YouTube is that it is specialized for videos. However, it is still like any other search engine. It answers the keyword typed on its search bar. From this, it provides a list of videos. So your aim is to be on the top of the ranking or list. How? Well, the factors are title, overview descriptions or thumbnails and video content. This is not a ranking of most-viewed but rather a ranking basing on how engaging the videos are to the query.

What you want here is to make your title as closest as possible to the keyword being searched. Consider also the relevance of the search term to your actual videos.  First impression to a viewer is important. Being branded as a fake is a thing you don’t want for your video. You might as well just stop reading then these 5 ways to actually grow your YouTube channel because establishing trust to the audience is really important. It’s a make or break kind of thing.

Language is also basic. Not everyone speaks English. So make sure to make use of YouTube’s translation tools.

  1. Learn some few legit hacks.

The lesser the competition, the better; but this does not mean that you have to stoop to curbing your potential for greatness. Make new and unique ideas for your video by looking into search results for popular but less competitive search queries. This is one perfect example of catering the need of a viewer who isn’t overly served yet.

Trust what is tested. If a video catches a lot of viewers already, then just let it be and refrain from additional edits. Nothing irks a viewer more than changed titles.

There are more of these few legit hacks actually. But to keep our 5 ways to actually grow your YouTube channel simple, we will categorize it to a single tip – be clever without resorting to unethical and illegal ways, which is pretty much the very definition of legit hacks.

  1. Just keep sustaining its growth.

Upload videos and create playlists more frequently.  This will allow for your channel to be fresh consistently.

Use end screens which direct viewers to another video. They help promote your other videos having lesser views. Use cards. They are prefabricated notifications. They can link your newest uploads. These two are some of the tools which can help your channel stay functional in the long run.

Have consistency in your brandings. Unless necessary like for copyright issues, never change channel name and channel logo. You will no longer be guaranteed of the subscriptions of your previous viewers, if they can no longer recognize your individuality because you changed name.

In the end, so that your channel will continue longer, eventually you have to monetize it to cover up for the expenses in its maintenance. And let’s be honest. To most, money is the primary reason for all of these. Pursue that objective then by taking these 5 ways to actually grow your YouTube channel seriously.

  1. The camera matters.

Because internet connections are sometimes weak, and sometimes strong; YouTube videos automatically vary their definition in order to provide a seamless streaming. Yet, as much as possible, a standard definition will always have to be changed to a higher definition, because viewer experience is heavily prioritized over anything else. However, no one can make a high definition video in its most literal sense, no matter how much editing is put into it, if it wasn’t filmed the right way in the first place. Basically, having the right camera is an indispensable need for you to film it the right way. So let me share to you one way of having the best camera for Youtube from Cameraseals– stick to what is trusted, reputable and cheapest.

After all these, many will still outrank you. Never mind! What is important is that you should always outrank yourself with more and better videos. That is the name of the game!