7 Activities That Make Your Employees More Productive

Reserving a day for your employees to blow off steam can help reduce stress and improve their production levels. Your employees have been working hard all year helping your clients with banking and investments. It’s time for them to have fun and to let loose. Here are some ideas for your employees to relax and get to know each other.

Offer Them Downtime

If you’re looking for a special gift for your employees, then one of the best gifts you can provide them is a little downtime. Maybe you can hire catering and award trophies to the hardest working employees. Taking a break improves your workers’ health and well-being. It also improves their productivity levels. One of the best ways to show your appreciation is to allow your employees to relax while they’re on the clock.

For example, you could give your workers a break in the afternoon. Include some appropriate games that allow your employees to get a little silly. Maybe you can enjoy the great outdoors while kicking a soccer ball around. Anytime that allows your workers to kick back and relax makes them more likely to return to work refreshed and reinvigorated.

Take Your Employees to a Ball Game

Take your employees to a minor league game. While most sporting events cost a lot of money, a minor league game is cheaper than you think. Tickets cost $10 and you can get cheaper prices if you try to get a group rate. Include a drink and hot dogs, and you’ll have a sporting event that allows your employees to relax without spending a lot of money.

Buy Them Some Coffee

A cheaper alternative is to treat your employees to some coffee instead. They can burn off stress while enjoying their favorite cup of coffee. While too much coffee prevents you from getting sleep at night, the best thing you can do for your employees is to allow them to take a break from their desk every so often. While getting up and walking around promotes exercise, the ritual of making coffee relaxes their minds.

A small break allows them their minds to wander or to reset. While it can interrupt your workday, it can provide you with what you need.

Practice Mindfulness

The art of mindfulness has become common in most workplaces. It teaches you how to take notice of your surroundings and what’s currently going on without your mind wandering or spacing out. While having a routine is important, you need to remain present. This might include meditating or practicing mindfulness. Allow your employees to close their eyes and focus on their breath for a few minutes. Mindfulness allows your employees to recognize their stress and to combat it.

Host a Murder Mystery Event

Most people love a good murder mystery dinner. You can even have your employees dress up in costumes from the bygone era and center your dinner based on that theme. They’ll enjoy having a themed dinner outside of work and solving a mystery of who was murdered and who was the murderer. Book your murder mystery event ahead of time and be sure to choose an attractive prize for the grand winner.

Have an Escape Room Event

Escape rooms have become popular over the years. They have quickly replaced the murder mystery dinner. Many companies have been using them as part of their themed events. Whether your theme is horror movies or a maze field, an escape room is a great way for your employees to use their critical thinking and team-building skills.

Volunteer With the Entire Office

Volunteering is a great way for your employees to unwind while giving back to a greater cause. A day spent volunteering allows your employees to focus on others rather themselves. Not only will you be making some positive change, but you’ll also receive great PR for your company. There are websites and resources that match you to a volunteer opportunity that fits your organization’s mission. Or, you can ask your employees for suggestions on where to volunteer.

The next time you want your employees to relieve stress and increase motivation, give any of these activities a try. From ball games to escape rooms, there’s nothing that relieves stress than providing them with some free time. Plus, each of these activities will provide memories for years to come.