7 Must-Haves to Make Your Child’s First Birthday Memorable

The first birthday of your child has to be, undoubtedly, grand and memorable. Planning the first birthday might seem like a hassle but consider that he is just a tiny tot. There’s only little that he needs to feel happy.

So, the necessities for the birthday celebration don’t have to be expensive and extravagant. They just have to be colourful, bright and happy for your kid to feel excited and be incessantly smiling. Take the guide to your kid’s first birthday must-haves-

  • Balloons:

The most photogenic things at a birthday party are the balloons. Get loads and loads of balloons, inflate them with both normal air as well as helium and decorate the entire room. Don’t forget to insert some candies and chocolates in them. Your child will love to pop those balloons as he keeps finding the sweet treats in them.

  • Crown:

Make a DIY crown for your child on his first birthday and do the crowning to give away the kingdom of your heart to your child. Make the crowning a bit dramatic as it happens in GOT and when your child grows old, he will always remember the moment and will appreciate the efforts that you made for him.

  • Garland:

A garland of flower symbolizes purity, beauty, peace and love. Nothing is as pure, beautiful, peaceful and lovely as your child for you. Make sure to provide a weaths of flowers to the guests coming for the party for placing the same around your child’s neck.

  • Planting a Tree:

Children should understand the value of mother nature and the things that we have been getting from our environment. Start educating your child about nature by making him plant a tree on his birthday. Make it a ritual for yourself and your child to plant a tree each birthday, such that at-least your family can reduce the carbon footprint by a small amount each year.

  • Cake

There is no perfect setting for a birthday party without the perfect cake. Find the favourite flavour of your child and order the cake for 1st birthday as a surprise. No-matter how delicious the food is, guests always remember the taste of the cake, so make the best out of this opportunity and get your child a cake that remains the talk of the town for the years to come.

  • Handprint

Take down the handprint of your child on a gypsum cement slate or a PoP slate. This will be a memory for you as well as your child, as when he grows to be 20 years old, and starts taking his own decision, you can always remind him that he is still that one years old tot for you.

  • Message Card

Get all the guests including friends and family to write a message on a common birthday card for your child. This will be one of things that he will keep with himself forever.

Get all of these things done to fill your child’s 1st birthday with fun and we bet he’ll be gifted with a pleasant memory for a lifetime.