Can You Make Money From Apps?

Applications, more commonly known as apps can be found everywhere today.  An app is software that runs through a browser or can also be used offline from a PC, smartphone or tablet.  There are three kind of apps, desktop, mobile and web.  The app market is growing and currently there seems to be more free apps than paid for.  Apps can be very lucrative and if done properly it can make someone quite a bit of money.

Getting Started

The first thing to do is to publish the app on either the Apple App Store or Google Play.  In order to do this potential app developers will need to be a registered member.  The Apple Developer Programme charges a fee of around $99 annually and the reason for this is to prevent potentially bad quality apps from being used.  The Google Play developer programme is considerably cheaper, around $25 per year and this allows developers to access any online development tools and make use of the Google Payments system.  Both Apple and Google play will allow their registered members access to app payment options which let developers accept payment for upgrades.

Choosing a Product

Choosing a product is probably the most important factor to consider.  Developers should choose an area of marketing such as online real money pokies that they believe will be popular and useful to many and that people would be willing to pay for.  Developers can look around the app stores and see what types of apps are out there and what they cost.  Looking at highest earning app categories will be useful to see what people are looking for and willing to pay for.  Business and health apps are very popular.

Develop Free Apps

A great example of an app strategy is Super Mario Run from Nintendo.  The game was available for free and had three different levels which could be played.  The full game was available for $7.99 which most players did not know about until they had made it through the three levels.  If Nintendo had put up the price for the app it is probable that it would not have been successful.  Most mobile phone users would rather not pay for apps until they were sure the app was worth it.  For those players who enjoyed the game they would have been willing to pay for the full game.  Getting something for free always has power and letting players test the game before asking for payment is a successful strategy.  Another good strategy is to not release certain features, but they should be non-essential giving dedicated players the option to want to pay.

Respond to Feedback

Developers must ensure that they respond to feedback from their users.  The comments may be harsh, but it all forms part of the development process.  Responding timeously to problems with the app will ensure that they are sorted out quickly and will keep users happy who will in turn recommend the app to their friends.  It’s important to get as close to the five star rating as possible.

By following these easy tips potential app developers will ensure that they get the best out of their apps and make some money in the process.