Handy Home Renos To Get Done Before Autumn

With summer half over and autumn sneaking up fast, you might be wondering which great home renovations you can fit in before the cooler weather puts a wrench in your plans. Renovations can include anything that helps your home look its absolute best, so if you’re looking to spruce up your space in time for autumn, check out these top tips that more and more people are taking on themselves.


These days flooring can be as easy as anything. With place and click flooring a popular option for those opting to do the reno themselves, floors are taking on a new world of their own in terms of styles and colours. If you’re looking to redo carpeting you may want to hire a professional unless you’re up to speed on the installation process yourself, what with carpets being slightly more labour intensive than simply clicking some tiles or hardwood lino into place. If all else fails, you can do the lino and get a fetching area rug to compliment your new floor anyway!


Painting is an easy renovation that literally anyone can do without much time or effort. You can even get the kids over a certain age to help out with painting or at least laying sheets and whatnot to catch drips and spills. Consider doing two walls in a room a feature colour such as greens, beige or deep reds and leave the other two walls white to make the space seem bigger. You can always do one main feature wall as well in one bold colour or pattern if you aren’t shy about experimenting with paint.


Building a deck might sound like a huge job and it can be, but with the right tools, know how and maybe a friend or two to help you along the way it can result in a great spot to enjoy the rest of the summer weather by hosting barbecues, lawn games and more with family and friends. Check out your local home hardware shop for tips and information on building a deck and to get some preliminary materials. After all, decks are great in spring, summer and autumn too, so get in now before the weather changes!

Doors And Windows

Depending on the level of renovation required here it can either be done by yourself or it could be best to hire a professional. If the whole window or door frame needs replacing it may be best to hire someone to do it for you, but if it’s a case of simply replacing the physical door or window onto hinges that are going to remain in place, it’s likely a job you can do either alone or with one other set of hands. Replacing doors throughout the house can be a great way to make the house look more put together and fresh, especially when coupled with a coat of paint.

So if you’re after a great way to make your house feel fresh before autumn, consider one of the tips above. Easy home renos are a great summer project and you can get the kids involved too! It’s a win-win for everyone over the holidays!