How IOS Is Set To Change In 2020

Apple never stays still for too long. They are, after all, leaders in the smartphone field, a company that has made their name on always pushing the game forward. While some companies are happy to let one success do the talking, Apple innovate, and minus a mishit every now and again, generally always deliver the goods. So what does Apple have in store for this year? It’s all about the launch of iOS 14.

iOS 14

iOS 14 is set to launch this year, though the precise date of when that’ll be is unknown. It was expected that the updated software would be presented at a big conference in June, but that has been cancelled now due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Still, it’s not as if Apple is going to cancel the whole thing: they’re a big enough company that they can generate enough interest in their iOS update without a huge launch. As it stands, we can expect the new software to drop sometime in mid September, probably in the week of September 14 – 18, though that could change. 

So we still have a little time to wait. In the meantime, let’s take a look at some of the changes that we can expect — and the ones that have just been rumoured. 

A Focus on Fitness

Fitness in the home, or at least without a gym membership, is becoming increasingly popular, especially during the coronavirus lockdown. So it comes as no surprise that Apple is developing its own app that’ll be built into the software. Whereas they’ve previously helped people track the data of their workouts, they’re now going to start promoting fitness workouts for users to enjoy. It’ll likely come in the form of videos, which can be downloaded and which will walk the user through specific workouts. 

Changing Messages

iMessage is popular, but it’s not as popular as Whatsapp, and it’s not hard to see why: Whatsapp receives innovative updates all the time, while iMessage has stayed more or less the same for years. That’s all set to change with the release of iOS 14. If you have an iPhone, then you might just find that you’re reverting back to Apple’s messaging platform once the update is released. So what’s going to change? For starters, you’ll be able to tag people in conversations that you’re having. And, perhaps most usefully of all, you’ll be able to retract messages that you’ve sent — this option was widely applauded by Whatsapp users when they announced it, so it makes sense that Apple should follow suit. 

Augmented Reality is Back

Given how much augmented reality was hyped several years ago, it’s kind of strange that it hasn’t yet taken off. Google’s offering, those funky glasses, flopped. But there are signs that augmented reality could be due a revival, and this time it might stick around for you. The new iOS is expected to include an app that allows you to learn more about the world around you. It’ll likely begin as a way for people to learn more about products and similar items but would likely branch out in time. 

Hello Third-Party Apps

One thing that annoys Apple users is just how heavily Apple’s own products are pushed on their devices. If you’re trying to open a link, then it’s going to open in safari — yet some people prefer to use Google Chrome on their devices. The new update is expected to allow users to set third-party apps as the default option. This one is just a rumour, however, so don’t be all that surprised if things don’t turn out that way. 

Keeping Each Other Safe

One of the driving forces behind the integration into society is that it allows us to keep ourselves and the people we love safe. With the launch of iOS 14, Apple will make it easier than ever before to look after our loved ones. It’s anticipated that iPhone users will be able to set alerts that notify them when someone doesn’t arrive where they should be (for example, a child going to school). 

Bug Problems

It’s not all going to be new features. Thankfully, Apple has listened to the users that have reported bugs in their software, of which there were more than usual. It’s expected that all of these bugs will have been taken care of with the release of iOS 14. 

Of course, nothing has been confirmed yet, for that we’ll need to wait for the official launch, and then the release in September.