How to Make Money on the Move

Travelling the world is on the bucket list of almost everyone. But, actually achieving this can be a difficult task when considering money, obligations and finding the time. However, it’s fair to say that for most people money is the main issue holding them back.

For the savvy traveller, this doesn’t have to be the case. There are plenty of opportunities to make money whilst on the move, whether you use the power of the internet or your own resourcefulness.

So, how can you effectively make money whilst on the move as an intrepid traveller?

Write an eBook

Okay, so this is a time-intensive option. One that is unlikely to see a reward from day one. But, it involves low investment costs other than your own time and can benefit from the wealth of your travel experiences. Travel writing earns well, particularly when combined with stunning photographs of your experiences, but it is not necessary to simply stick to the travel genre.

The passive income that comes as a result of your eBook could mean you have money further down the line, even after your travels are over. Amazon direct publishing is pretty simple to use as well, so there’s no need to worry about struggling to get your book out there.

Alternatively, you could take the time to be a ghostwriter for another person’s eBook. This will only generate one lump sum payment, but if the rate is good enough then this could certainly cover some of your travel costs. Undertake a number of similar projects, working in your spare time whilst on trains or other long stretches of travel, and you could easily finance a majority of your journey.

Tour Guide

Do you have a head for facts and know your BC from your AD? If you have a particular passion for a place, then it tends to show and your tours will be a hit with the various holidaymakers (leading to a higher earning potential).

English-speaking tour guides are always an asset to local communities, so no matter where you choose to go there is likely to be an opportunity during the peak seasons. If you happen to land in an off-season then such opportunities might be harder to locate. In this case, promote your services online as an independent guide and you may be able to find work much easier that way.

Digital Services

Finding employment digitally may sound like a futuristic thing. In fact, worldwide freelancers are growing and by 2020 they are expected to be a dominant part of the workforce. Which means that jumping on to the wagon now is incredibly important in order to be able to take advantage of this momentum.

This can cover a vast number of different professions, all the way from content writing to full-blown website design. It simply depends on your skillset and how you can profit from it whilst on the move. If you don’t want to spend too much time on it, you can always pick up digital micro jobs via Fiverr or other such sites as well.

For this type of work, however, it is always well-advised to cover yourself with indemnity insurance.

Get a Working Visa

If you have a particularly in-demand skill (and even if you don’t) then you could find it beneficial to seek out a work visa, for a six months or so of working in another country as you see the sights. Many countries have a mutual agreement to allow this to happen for cultural exchange benefits – such as the UK and New Zealand – but not all do.

Though you may find a permanent job to work your entire working visa, you may instead find yourself working as a contract worker. Some employers may require you to have your own contractors insurance as a result, so it is always important to check first before you apply.

A working visa can be a great way to ensure you have the right to work in the country you are travelling in.

Virtual Assistant

Administrative tasks aren’t the most glamorous of jobs, but they do pay well. People are happy to pay you to book their appointments, reserve dinner tables and even email their clients in the modern day. It saves them hiring a full-time secretary, whilst giving you the ability to do these mundane tasks from anywhere in the world.

There are plenty of remote job sites that cater to this particular stream of work, it’s just a case of picking what you are best at.

As a traveller, the possibilities are endless on what you may see and experience. And the same can be said for how you make money on your travels. Choose a skill you can make a profit from and start seeking out the opportunities that can make the most of it.

Then, enjoy your adventures without constantly worrying about your bank balance!