How to Make Your Home Sleek But Still Cozy

If you’re in the process of designing a home which will look sleek yet will still feel cozy and inviting, simply continue reading for tips from Gary Friedman.

How to make your home sleek but still cozy:

  1. Use metal accents to decorate your home

One way to instantly give your home a chic update and a sleek look is to place a variety of decorative metal items around your home. As examples, why not purchase a few stainless steel frames to display your favorite photos in and to place fresh flowers in a sleek, metal vase?

  1. Place a faux fur throw over your sofa’s armrest.

If you’d love to create a cozy yet chic living space, it’s well worth purchasing a soft, luxurious, faux fur throw which you can then drape over your primary sofa’s armrest. As nothing screams coziness than a warm fur throw.

  1. Invest in a faux fur rug

Alternatively, you may also want to consider purchasing a faux fur rug which you can use to warm up a room which features lots of sleek, more utilitarian features. As an example, if you plan to decorate your lounge with a lot of metal decorations and pieces of art, you can instantly add a sense of warmth to your lounge by placing a faux fur rug in a central position in your lounge.

  1. Consider making your home’s fireplace as the central focus of your home

If you’re fortunate enough to live in a home which boasts a wood fireplace, it’s well worth setting up your lounge’s furniture so that your fireplace is the central focus of your lounge, not your television. As making your home’s fireplace the central focus of your home’s primary living area, will encourage you to spend more time in your lounge.

  1. Invest in a few stainless steel bar chairs

One way to give your kitchen a sleek aesthetic is to place a few steel bar chairs next to your home’s breakfast bar. If your home doesn’t feature a ready built breakfast bar, you may want to invest in installing a simple kitchen island, which you’ll be able to use both as extra counter space for your kitchen and as a makeshift breakfast bar.

  1. Minimize the amount of art which you choose to display on your walls

Instead of displaying multiple pieces of art on a single wall, if you want to want your home to look sleek and tastefully decorated, you may want to consider minimizing the amount of art which you choose to display. Which will ensure that every piece of art which you feature in your home, will be carefully chosen to suit the area which you choose to display it in.

Better yet, if you get rid of some of the pieces of art which are currently displayed in your home, your guests may look at the pieces which you do keep, with a whole new level of appreciation. As your artwork will stand out more if you only have a few pieces of art displayed.

So if you’re looking to design a sleek yet cozy, warm home, it’s well worth incorporating some of the ideas listed above into your upcoming design plans!