How to make your website more interesting

Everybody wants their site to be the one that people are talking about, the one that people can’t wait to visit. However, this isn’t easily achieved, and even the most popular websites must keep their visitors interested. Get your website noticed with these simple, yet effective suggestions.

Follow other websites

Keeping up-to-date with world news, celebrity gossip and current changing trends can help you create compelling content for your own site. Blogs that feature the latest celeb news and Global or even local headlines make for fascinating reading. If you are constantly keeping on top of what is going on in the world, and featuring this information in your blogs, your site could soon become known as the go-to source for reliable information.

Make it fun

This may not be possible for all websites, after all, a website for a funeral home is perhaps not the best place for gimmicks or jokes. Yet, if your site could do with a fun injection, and it is appropriate, it is a clever idea to have an interactive feature, similar to the big red button on Lol Hit that generates a joke when pressed. Instant quizzes, puzzles, or fun facts are just some of ways you can make visitors feel involved with your site in a fun manner.

Involve your readers

Some people really enjoy giving their view on a topic, so after you write a blog, ask your readers for their ideas, or their personal experiences relevant to your post. Their replies can also give you inspiration for future posts on your site.

Be authentic

Allowing people into your private family and personal life is easier if your page is all about that precise topic, but if you are a small business, you may not think that this is an appropriate approach. However, people love to learn about the people behind a business, and a personal touch can help your customers relate to you. Creating a bond between yourself and your customers by being authentic will generate a loyalty and familiarity that has them returning to your site and your business time and again. 

Be available

Your website is an essential tool for your business. Be available to answer any queries visitors to your site may have, and to reply to any comments they leave on your blog. When readers know that you are available to interact and to read their comments and questions they trust that you value their input and are more likely to trust your business in its entirety.

Use eye-catching images

Featuring interesting images makes readers want to find out more. Content is crucial of course, but if there aren’t images to accompany it, readers can become bored quite easily. A relevant image every paragraph or so makes a page more exciting and research reveals that content with images attracts 94% more views than pages without.

Enjoy making your website the best it can be, and see your viewing figures grow.