Moving Day Checklist

Everyone knows that moving day can be one of the most stressful days of the year, what with making sure everything gets onto the truck,  making sure the new place has its utilities hooked up and working, and returning keys to landlords if the place is rented. It can be a handful to remember, so here is a handy checklist for your next moving day to ensure you don’t leave anything to chance.

Utilities and Cleaning

One of the first things you should do, preferably a day or two before you actually move is to head over to your new place and give it a good clean all the way through from top to bottom. While many people will clean following a move out, especially in rented properties, not everyone’s standards are up to par with your own, so it can be a good idea to just give it your own personal cleaning touch. If you don’t have time, consider hiring a trusted cleaning company to do it for you or better yet, get some friends to pitch in in exchange for beers and pizza.

Utilities is the second thing you should make sure are in place. After all, no one wants to move into a house where there’s no running water or electric. Consider ordering the moving of your internet at least a week or two in advance to give the company time to slot you into their schedule. You can even combine the two days if it happens before move in – cleaning while waiting for the cable and internet company to come and sort out your new internet.


Labelling boxes, something you should do while you pack them, is a great way to keep everything organised so you can load and unload the moving truck or van quickly and efficiently. There’s nothing worse than finding a kitchen box in the living room or bedroom when you’re already exhausted from moving. Keep everything clearly labelled and save yourself a ton of headaches later.

Moving Company/Friends

Making sure the moving company and your friends are on schedule to arrive at the predetermined time will help you stay relaxed during your big move. If you’re using either, you can help streamline things by having all the boxes prepped and ready to go in their respective piles and in order – kitchen with kitchen stuff, bedroom one with bedroom one stuff and the like. This will help the unpacking process at the new place be much easier and organised as well.

Cleaning Part Two

When moving out of your old place you may need to clean it prior to handing the keys back to the landlord. Hiring a cleaner can be a useful time saver, but also doing it yourself doesn’t have to take too long either. Many rental units may charge you for cleaning if you don’t clean it, so be aware of that little clause in your lease.

So there you have a short but useful moving day checklist for that next big move you make, wherever it may be!