Top Dreams People Have If They Win The Lottery


Everyone has that huge dream of theirs of winning the mega millions online or having some long lost relative that suddenly leaves them a whole hoard of cash, seemingly solving all their issues in one fell swoop. After all, try as we might in this day and age to live within our means with rising costs and rates of various things like food, bills and housing it’s nigh on impossible to not be strapped for cash occasionally. So what are some of the biggest dreams of people who wish they had huge amounts of cash following a lottery win?

Houses Galore

Most people say that they’d swap their current house for a grand house with all kinds of fancy flooring, paint jobs and the like. What kind of house would you buy? Many people have dreams of buying houses in the likes of the Hollywood Hills so they can hobnob with the social elite along with celebrities of all kinds while other people say they’d opt for smaller apartments around the world in all their favourite cities. Who wouldn’t want to jet off to Dubai for a weekend or Sydney to stay in their own luxury apartments? Sounds like the high life, doesn’t it? Don’t forget those seats purchased in first class either – no more economy class for you!

A Whole New Wardrobe

Of course if you’re living the high life you have to look the part. New clothes, perhaps designer, new hand bags and shoes as well. We all like to look our best but when you have the money to really splash out is when you really can get some of the best of the best in terms of clothes. Gucci, Chanel, Prada and more, and Hugo Boss for the guys. It doesn’t have to be all designer though – you might find that standard main street shops that have higher prices of clothing such as Aeropostale are suddenly well within the reach of your wallet!

Vacations, Vacations, Vacations

Of course one of the biggest things people want to do when they win the lottery or come into a large sum of cash is get away on a luxurious vacation to a far flung, tropical destination. Forget the all inclusive packages in Puerto Vallarta or Cancun, having a seemingly endless stream of cash at your disposal means you can head out to more luxe places like Hawaii, or even to the Pacific to Fiji, Tahiti, or island locales like Bali where you can get gorgeous five star bamboo hut style rooms in the seclusion of the jungle, sometimes with your own stretch of beach. Imagine the lifestyle! If that sounds like your thing, consider some of the countries in Africa where their top luxury ranges of hotel can even come with their own butler service.

So what would you do if you won the lottery or got left a huge inheritance? What would you spend your money on? What would be the number one thing you’d be looking to do or purchase? Everyone has their own dream list, so what’s on yours?