Top Tips To Help Moving Day Become Less Stressful


It gets to a point when you are looking for homes, placing bids, trying to sell your old property and packing up your stuff, that you start to wonder if you’ll ever actually get into your new home. The final nail in the coffin for many people in terms of this process is the moving day itself, a necessary evil and the last step of finally moving into your property. Moving day does not need to be as stressful as it is and if you follow some of these helpful hints, you can ensure that the big day, runs smoothly and without too much stress.

Calling in Help

The first recommendation that I would make is that you don’t do this alone, or even just with your partner, remember that more hands make light work. Enlisting the support of friends and family is a great idea when it comes to moving house and doing so will certainly speed up your moving day. In order to give it an even bigger boost, why not hire a professional removal firm who can deal with the bulk of the work. You can find some great professionals for hire in your area through the Shiply website, simply select the company that you want to use, and then kiss your moving day troubles goodbye.

Box Rules

The way in which you package up your boxes in the old property is going to make a huge difference to how long it takes to unpack said boxes at the other end. Make sure that you keep the possessions from each room together, kitchen stuff with kitchen stuff, bathroom stuff with bathroom stuff and so on. In order to keep this stuff together you could simply colour code each box so that everyone knows where it needs to end up in the new property. You also need to make sure that you have labelled the heavy and the fragile boxes to avoid damages either to the person carrying the box, or to the contents inside.

Large Items

Your large items such as kitchen appliances, sofas, beds and any other large and heavy items which you have, should be moved into the house at your earliest possible convenience. Trying to place these items in the home when there are boxes and stuff everywhere is an absolute nightmare and it can be really difficult to manoeuvre such items in a full house. Try to do this kind of removal prior to your moving day as it isn’t something which you are going to want to do on a day that is already busy enough. Professionals will be the best placed people to move this kind of stuff as they’ll be insured against damages, and they have the know how for placing these items safely into the new home.

Moving day doesn’t have to be stressful, keep these tips in mind and you’ll be just fine.