Using the right tools to live stream your videos

For beginners who are planning to start a live video show, you will need to know which tools you will need to broadcast live. Many are held back from going live for fear of something going wrong, and worried that they do not have the right tools. Not many marketers are technology savvy, and plus many are not comfortable of getting in front of the camera and communicating to an audience.

In order to overcome, one has to warm up your voice with voice exercise before each broadcast to fill more at ease. The easiest apps for live broadcasting are web based. Web based live broadcast apps and tools can be easily accessed from the browser and some offer free trial. For more flexibility and options, the free version can be upgraded to a paid subscription to add a custom logo, which will be good for branding your live video show. The comments can be highlighted by displaying them on screen.

Some live streaming apps connect directly with Facebook. Broadcaster can broadcast via their profile to share their screen and drag images and video onto the screen. Broadcasters also can follow their viewers’ comments during the broadcast. There are also apps that allow video conferencing where broadcasters can chat with their audience, share their screen, and have multiple guests. The most powerful tools for live streaming are the downloaded apps, which are completely free.

Broadcasters can enjoy unique and high quality content to their viewers when they choose to use Swoo which is a live streaming mobile platform. Viewers can explore authentic and experiential content around sports, entertainment, technology, health, sports, and others. Swoo offers high quality content, and they are closer to the high production quality equivalent to the TV. Swoo content categories are highly differentiated and cover everything demanded by today’s viewers.