Need to Drop Your Cholesterol Fast? Follow These Four Tips Sooner Rather Than Later

Source If you’ve been told by your doctor that your cholesterol is high, you don’t necessarily need to panic. Sure, the notion that there’s yet another health concern on your plate might be daunting; however, the ill effects of high cholesterol are difficult to ignore. For starters, dangers of elevated cholesterol levels include increased risk of […]

Can You Really Be Ageless in an Instant?

You may have heard of a line of product that promises to render you “instantly ageless”. In fact, it is part of the very popular Luminesce range of products, developed by Jeunesse Global. But what is this product, and does it really work? After all, it is one of the more expensive products within the […]

Can You Still Do Yoga When Traveling?

Yoga has been around since the earlier civilization of Northern India 5000 years ago. There have been many accounts about yoga from the classical to modern period. Most records classify yoga as steps to obtain enlightenment. It allows the mind and body to synchronize together and build better mental and physical health. As stress level […]